Growth and Structure Program

Education Supported by Coaching

Take the Path Towards Successfully Marketing Your Business, More High-Paying,
Affluent Clients, and Consistently Earning $10k or More a Month!

Is it Time to Take Your Business Up a Few Notches?

You’re already a great designer.

Your clients are ecstatic to work with you.

And you love what you do.

But is something missing?


Do You Wish You Could Earn More Without Having to Work So Much, But You’re Too Busy to Figure It Out?

Are you wondering how to:

  • Stop working 60+ hours a week and actually take time for yourself


  • Have 5-figure months or 6-figure years


  • Attract more high-end clients


  • Experience more success without working more hours


If you nodded yes to one or more of the statements above, then it’s time to take a different path.

Instead of going for a typical cookie-cutter coaching program, you can work with an experienced Interior Designer who will share the path she took to build her own multi 7-figure design firm. You can follow proven “recipes” for taking those same essential steps to take your business to new heights.

At Interior Design Business Academy, we strive to help you reach your fullest potential.

All too often, we find that designers are out there running their businesses and working with their clients, but there’s one problem.

They’re too busy to grow and make the powerful changes that will propel them to even greater success.

Our powerful online and live education programs, supported by  personal coaching, can help you with:

  • Getting ideal clients with real budgets who pay you what you’re worth
  • Putting an end to working until the midnight hour (or later!) 
  • Removing the overwhelm and frustration of not having enough time to grow your business
  • Implementing plans and systems to help you get organized and run your business more smoothly

And much more!

You’ve always wanted more financial abundance, freedom, creativity, higher quality of life, to feel more confident, and experience more joy, meaning and fulfillment in life.

Whatever frustration you’re experiencing, we at Interior Design Business Academy know you don’t want to be in the same place a year from now. We can help make that your reality.

IDBA offers two multi-year education programs with coaching support divided into yearlong “tracks.” (Students advance year-to-year as their results increase.)


Clarity on your next steps
Stretch for reachable goals
Direction and a solid plan
Business build tools
Scripts and templates
Systems and processes
Specific to design business
The “exactly how to”
Proven marketing plan




Thinking bigger
Elimination of self doubt
Overcoming internal blocks
Moving past fears
Shifting negative beliefs
Being intentional and focused
Becoming disciplined
Staying in faith
Increased confidence




Regular strategy meetings
Time to plan and celebrate
Collaborative masterminding
Accountability coaching
Positive peer group
Encouragement and fun
Acceptance and belonging
Level 3 conversations
Shared best practices



Choose the Program That’s Best for Reaching Your Full Potential

When you join our programs, you’ll never feel alone on your journey. We’re here to help guide you towards success through a curated combination of education and personal coaching. Instead of wondering when you’ll find the time to create the business of your dreams, you can follow a proven path every step of the way.

It’s how we’ve helped hundreds of designers to grow their businesses – and now it’s your turn!

At the Interior Design Business Academy, we have two programs based on where you are in your design business journey. 

Which profile best describes you right now?

Growth Program

Who is the Growth Program for?

The Growth Program is for those designers who want to focus on signing up high-paying clients and start earning $10k or more a month. Maybe you’ve already got clients, but you’re only earning $2k a month. Your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like even though you’re working harder than you ever have before. You want to have high-paying clients but you need help to get there.

The Growth Program shows you how to do that and more! We educate you on marketing, confidently getting a budget from a client, calling out a design fee, and closing the sale so that you can attract ideal clients and start ramping up your income to meet your goals.

Here is what you will learn during your time in the
Growth Program:

Structure Program

Who is the Structure Program for?

The Structure Program is for those designers who have a business that is already generating $10k per month or more in revenue. You are looking to set up backroom systems, develop an in-person or virtual team, up-level your clients, business, and income while creating a leveraged income path.

The Structure Program can help you with that and much more! We educate you on systems, delegating tasks, and shifting your business model while getting past being overwhelmed and overworked so that you can have more time for you and regain control of your freedom.

Here is what you will learn during your time in the


Grow Your Fees

Learn to create offers for design services that clearly tell your client what you are providing so they happily say “yes.”  Create Letters of Agreement that have boundaries to protect your time and shift out of “Hours-For-Dollars” and into Design Fees that pay you what you are worth.


Structure Your Marketing

Become the “THE” designer in your city by creating your own celebrity. Photography, publishing, awards, show houses, home tours, speaking and writing.

Grow Your Clients

Identify your Ideal Client and the problem that you solve for them. Starting by creating a “rock star” elevator speech, and then develop your marketing plan to bring those ideal clients to your practice.

Structure Your Systems

Create systems and control your business through documented processes, so everything runs smoothly and no longer requires your daily involvement.

Grow Your Pricing

Discover additional high profit income streams by selling product. Explore successful sales presentation models and the psychology behind your clients buying habits (no sleazy selling allowed.). Understand retail, designer net, wholesale, stocking dealer, Furniture and Gift Markets, buying cubs and everything in between.

Structure Your Team

Discover what and who you need, and how to hire great people you trust who will take everything off your plate so you can focus on developing more ideal clients.

Grow Your Brand

Leverage your unique difference, why you are so special into marketing gold. Create your “good, better, best shop” filled with vendors and products focused on your ideal client. Discover how solid relationship and referral partners will keep clients in your pipeline for years.

Structure Your Income

Create 2x to 10x more income by shifting how you work. Strategies for moving “up-market,” adding additional income streams to your business and increasing your overall job profit margins.




Grow Your Business

Discover the strategies for moving up-market to bigger jobs and generous budgets. Grow your capacity to successfully manage “bigger and better” by adding team members (probably virtual) and basic systems to your business model.


Structure Your Profit

Strategies for keeping a steady paycheck for yourself and having the profits from your business be in the bank at the end of the year.

Grow Your Reach

Extend your influence by employing focused digital marketing. Understand the elements of a good “designer” website and SEO benefits, newsletters that keep you in front of potential clients and strategies for powerful social media presence.


Structure Your Accountability

Reach bigger revenues each year by having your team accountable to and responsible for building your business for yu while always knowing where you are with your goals


Grow Your Profit

Discover money habits that that draw abundance to you. Plan the profit in your design jobs so that more money stays in your bank account. Know what you need to ask for your bookkeeper for, monthly, quarterly and annually and how to read those reports so you always know where you are at financially.

Structure Your Difference

Become “untouchable” in the design world by differentiating your offerings, so much so that your clients stay for years because they get results and feel what they can’t get elsewhere.


Grow Your Time

Be strategic about how you use your time by setting strong, boundaries, reducing access and working only in your unique brilliance. Discover how to work with 2x -10x your current number of clients, while working fewer hours.

Structure Your Lifestyle

Release yourself from the day–to–day by hiring a second–in–command that you trust, so you scale to a million or more, while living a life of freedom.


You will implement all four of these strategies within the Growth Program Retreats. Two will be implemented in the 1st year, the next two will be implemented in the 2nd year.

You will implement all four of these strategies within the Structure Program Retreats. Two will be implemented in the 1st year, the next two will be implemented in the 2nd year.

What We’ve Included in Our Programs So That They Produce Such Exceptional Results:

Your Personalized Action Plan

For each year, tailored to your needs. A customized 60-minute strategic planning session where you get your plan for the year, with your very own implementation schedule.

Private Coaching calls

With your IDBA Master Mindset Coach to help you strategize, get clarity, make decisions and stay focused to take those next critical steps and stay on track with your goals.

Live Retreats

Where you’ll experience more in-depth learning, mindset shifts, best practices, and transformation. We create a non-judgment, sacred space for personal connection and deep learning where you make friendships that last a lifetime.

Monday Workshops

Facilitated blocks of uninterrupted time to get your marketing tasks completed. Be supported in real-time, get your questions answered, create your customized marketing plan for your business in a group setting with zero distractions.

Step By Step Training

On exactly what to do, in what order with examples to follow. Be guided you foundational “how-tos” that let you take your next steps in bite-sized pieces so you can implement them easily. All the planning done-for-you, just follow the recipe.

Bi-Weekly "When You Need It" Live Support

For your burning questions, troubleshooting, and massive clarity. You’re never more than a few days away from the personalized support you need from Terri to make better decisions and get the answers you need.

Deep Resources – Access to the IDBA Library

Puts you directly in contact with the interior design business templates, forms, contracts, proposals, scripts, and processes you need when that big opportunity arises. Specific information, step by step recipes and examples to follow.

Interested in Learning if Our Growth or Structure Programs Are a Good Fit for You?

Click below to schedule a day and time to discuss your options with one of our coaches and to see if one of our programs are a good fit. This is only an exploratory, no pressure call to help you understand your next best steps.

Are you a design professional who already has clients but wants to focus on signing higher-paying clients and start earning $10K or more a month? If so, the Growth Program is for you. This program shows you how to do that and more!

Are you a design professional with a  business that is already generating $10k or more per month and looking to set up backroom systems, develop an in-person or virtual team, up-level your clients, business, and income while creating a leveraged income path? If so, the Structure Program was made for you!

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