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Today we’re going to talk about time management issues. Most of us often feel like hamsters on an exercise wheel. You get on in the morning and keep going throughout the day without getting anywhere. You’re going and going, and at some point, you get exhausted and fall off. That’s not the way you should be in your design business.



We know that time is our most precious asset. We want to be aware of it and not waste it. It’s essential to be focused on it because it’s not something you can get back. So, pay attention to where you use it. Instead of being on a hamster wheel and running your design business by putting out fires, you can gain control of your time and how you spend it.

To do this, I suggest you take a look at people-pleasing. I know it’s a tough subject, but we’re all guilty of it. And it’s okay to own it simply because we’re raised that way. We’re brought up to take care of people and make them happy. It’s also part of why we do design in the first place. But you also need to have boundaries so that you’re not constantly people-pleasing.

When I mention people-pleasing in a design business, that could be taking on jobs that are too small. Those jobs that you can’t possibly make any money. You can’t bill enough time for it, and you end up losing money. But you do it anyway because you feel some obligation since it’s for a past client.

Those little jobs take all your time, take forever, and they never seem to get done. They’re often from good clients that have one or two little things to get done that they didn’t do while you were available. When you go back and take on those jobs and don’t charge appropriately, you’re people-pleasing.

You’re also people-pleasing when you take Saturday appointments. It’s just a matter of realizing you don’t need to please people that much, and you can have a life. And when you take those appointments and miss significant time with loved ones, that’s not okay. Your clients aren’t worth that.

Watch the video above, where I share several other examples of how you may be taking part in people-pleasing. I also detail a strategy you can implement to help you move away from doing this. But it’s important to know that it will take practice and may not feel good the first few times you do it. Once you stop doing it, you’ll be amazed at the amount of time it creates. Then, you can do more useful things like strategizing and implementing to help your business grow.

Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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