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One of the best strategies you can have in your design business is a paid first appointment. It gives people a chance to put their toe in to see how the process works. A lot of people don’t have a clear understanding of our processes. A first paid appointment gives them a firsthand opportunity to learn more.



The idea is that you don’t do a first paid appointment based on what you would charge for an hour of your time, like $100 or $175. It should actually be at least $300-$500, depending on where you are in your market.

Start off with a discovery phone call to gather information. Then, you’ll want to offer the first paid appointment as the next step. The purpose here is that it’s a good qualifying piece. If someone isn’t willing to pay the money for you to come see them or meet via Zoom and have a working appointment, then they are simply not a client.

It’s a good idea to know what your first appointment is about so you can sell it to your potential client. You may even want to give it a clever name, which also helps with marketing. You can tell them how that appointment will help their job move forward. Keep in mind that it needs to provide value to them in order to sell it to them.

While you’re at that appointment, you should give it everything you’ve got. Share everything, offer ideas, and blow them away with what you know! You should also lead them to the point that there is even more you can offer them than in just an hour and a half appointment. Leave them wanting more.

Watch the video above where I explain the one thing you cannot do in a paid first appointment. I also provide tips on things you can do at that appointment to offer great value to your clients. You’ll also discover strategies that give clients extra motivation to hire you and possibly leave that first paid appointment with a check.

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Until next time, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth.

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