You’re a Talented Interior Designer

- It's Time You Had A Business As Fabulous As You Are

You’re a Talented Interior Designer

– It’s Time You Had A Business As Fabulous As You Are

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Interior Design Business Academy

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You deserve big, impactful design jobs and better financial security, while expanding your freedom to do the things you love

At Interior Design Business Academy, we have a proven system to transform your business into a lucrative one that you’re 100% in love with.

You’ll attract more high-end clients, say goodbye to working 60-hour weeks, and hit 5-figure months with ease.

And you won’t do it alone – you’ll join our tribe of successful designers creating the businesses of their dreams.

What is your #1 Design Business Blocker?

There are a few common factors that stop interior designers from reaching their business goals.  The good news is, when you know what exactly is stopping your business from moving forward, you can focus on solving that. 

When you take the FREE Design Business Blocker quiz, here's what you get:
→ Your unique quiz result showing the primary business blocker that you need to solve in order to scale.
→  An insightful video recap where I share your quiz result and talk about what actions I recommend for you to get unblocked.
→ A detailed PDF report in your email inbox with exactly what your result means.
 3 concrete steps you can take right away to solve your unique design business roadblock.
→  The opportunity to book a Clarity Call to talk to someone and get even more insightful (and personalized!) feedback on your quiz results.

Free Guide: 31 Ways Interior Designers Can Make Money

Terri Taylor, 31 Ways Interior Designers Can Make Money

Curious about maximizing your income as an interior designer? 

Discover how you can boost your earnings without adding more hours to your workday with my exclusive guide, 31 Ways Interior Designers Can Make Money

In this comprehensive guide, Terri reveals:
→ How enhancing your workspace can elevate your overall business success.
→ The essential marketing strategies to attract your ideal clients.
→ Techniques for discussing finances, budgets, and your design service fees with confidence.
→ Tips for refining your business presentation to appeal to higher-level clients.

As a special bonus, I've included 2 additional strategies to boost your income and grow your interior design business. I hope you find these tips valuable and inspiring. 

Premier Interior Design Business Events

Attend our premier professional interior design events, make lifelong business connections and learn how to stop playing small as a designer. These inspiring and impactful online events are focused on cultivating your highest creative potential along with your highest fees. Learn strategies to ensure you’re equipped to leave overwhelm behind and step into the unlimited abundance and prosperity available in life and business.

This once-a-year virtual event is your chance to learn how to position yourself to charge higher fees for more profitability and freedom.

Learn the business strategy AND do the inner work that allows you to shift into the abundant, confident, well-paid designer you’re destined to be.

Learn how to take on remodeling jobs and be paid 3X, 5X, or even 10X more than you’re making now.

This is a powerful 3-Day Virtual Event, packed with training and a proven system to create more profit and ease in your interior design business.

"I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the recent Summit! I laughed and cried as we delved deep into the psychology of issues that hold us back from success. Here’s the big news; I went on consultation 2 days after Summit. The potential client assumed $100k for the budget. In the next moments, I calculated my fee based on my estimated budget for construction. I started by letting her know that I didn’t want her to encounter any surprises and I let her know that my fee would be $20K. Within 4 hours she contacted me to move forward!"

 – Victoria Sheffield, Design Consultant

Coaching to Elevate Your Design Business

You’re a designer running a business and working hard to deliver beautiful spaces for your clients – there’s just one problem…

You’re too busy to make powerful changes that will propel you to greater financial success and freedom.

Our industry-leading online programs supported by personalized, design-business specific coaching, can help you with:

  • Getting ideal clients with real budgets who pay you what you’re worth
  • Putting an end to working until the midnight hour (or later!)
  • Removing the overwhelm and frustration of not having enough time to grow your business
  • Implementing plans and systems to help you get organized and run your business more smoothly


This is for designers who are getting great clients and are ready to start earning $10K/month in their businesses.

Shift out of ‘hours for dollars’ mode and into design fees that pay you what you’re worth. Get raving fans with the referrals to prove it, and gain clarity and calmness within your business.


This is for designers who have a business that’s generating $10K/month in revenue or more, and are at their limit of how much work they can do.

Regain your freedom by setting up your backroom systems, building a rockstar team, and creating leveraged income.


This is for designers who have a strong desire to reach 7 figures (and beyond) in their businesses.

Position yourself as an industry leader, gain major publishing opportunities, and mastermind with other high-level design entrepreneurs so you’re constantly inspired to grow.

“I thought I had a pretty good business starting with IDBA. I would set a goal of making $100K for the year and finish at around $80K, that’s pretty good! Then I joined the Structure program, with Terri’s help I set a goal for myself of $250K, worked on changing my mindset, focused on what I wanted and ended the year with a $260,000 paycheck! Spectacular!”

– Dana Bass, Interior Designer

Not sure where to start?


*Don’t worry, it’s a no-pressure conversation. We can’t wait to meet you and find out more about your design business.

I was in your program back in 2012 and I’m writing to you to let you know how well we’ve done and progressed over the years because of you and your program.

We have exceeded one million gross revenue the last three years in a row, and I purchased a 2400 square foot studio space in 2017 and built it out, something I never would have had the courage to do without your program. You made such an impact on me and my business. I remember standing in your living room in Tucson and telling my story of raising three kids in three years and when my youngest went to school my husband said now is your chance if you want to recreate yourself. I immediately enrolled in design school. My crazy stretch goal was to be able to let my husband retire and give him the same opportunity– he retired at 51 in 2015.

 – Angie Gardeck, Interior Designer

Industry Accredited Education

Test drive our industry-leading training with one of our power-packed IDCEC 1.0 accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Get expert insight into getting a budget from potential clients, money secrets, creating celebrity as an interior designer, and moving your business up-market.

Top-rated Podcast

Each week, Terri brings her clear, proven, and repeatable step-by-step "recipes" for attracting ideal luxury clients along with her overarching attitude of gratitude, abundance, beauty, and joy for creating long-lasting and meaningful success.

Videos and Articles

Access a wealth of inspiring and educational videos and articles on everything from mindset and money to marketing and design business tools.

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“I work so much less and am not stressed out over every second of my day being efficient due to the headache of documenting each hour so I can be sure to be paid. I have signed 4 new contracts in the past month, including a fee of 20K for new construction, and today a kitchen remodel for a fee of $14,500. Many thanks on all of your great guidance, insight and big brain.”

– Casey Brand, Design Consultant

Our Founder

Terri Taylor

Terri Taylor is an award-winning interior designer turned business coach who teaches and mentors designers on how to create thriving businesses and own their worth.

Terri has more than 30 years experience in the interior design and construction business. She’s been featured in regional and national design publications and is a sought-after guest speaker at national and international events.

In 2009, Terri created the Interior Design Business Academy – an education and coaching resource that provides a unique mix of business strategies and systems along with powerful positive mindset practices to help interior designers create meaningful success.

Over the past 10+ years, Terri has coached hundreds of designers to grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figures with grace and ease. She’s known as a straight-talking ‘technical expert’ when it comes to streamlining your design business.

Her value-packed events and coaching programs are all designed to move you and your design business to whole new levels of getting paid what you deserve.

“Since I started working with Terri, I’ve put my systems and processes in place, I’ve hired a couple of part-time employees, and I’ve MORE THAN DOUBLED my business. I have so much more confidence in presenting my value to my clients and feeling like I’m worth what they're paying me. I'm empowered to be a professional businesswoman – people respect what I do and I love giving back to them.”

– Laura Lee Capilla, Design Consultant

Video Testimonials

from IDBA members

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Access a wealth of inspiring and educational videos and articles on everything from mindset and money, to marketing and design business tools.
Something new comes out every week – sign up to our weekly email update so you don’t miss a thing.