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10 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to marketing your business, you may have learned the hard way that affluent clients don’t just knock on your door. You need the right combination of marketing to ensure your time (and money) are spent wisely.

If you’ve recently decided you’re not attracting the quality (and quantity) of ideal clients and jobs you desire, chances are you may be guilty of some, or even all, of these marketing mistakes.

1. Not photographing your work on a regular basis. Design is a visual business and potential clients expect to be able to see what you do. A good rule of thumb is to photograph at least 60% of what you do ( you know … the REALLY good stuff).

2. Hiding behind your computer. If you think you can market your business without going out and actually meeting people, then you are WRONG! Expanding your circles of influence and personal connections is where you meet, generate, and keep life long clients.

3. Saying I am an “interior designer” when someone asks what you do. Think about the reaction you get… “Oh, that must be so much fun. People tell me I have a knack for design, I would love to just follow you around.” ;-(

Instead, you need a short statement that defines who your clients are and the benefits they get from working with you, so that the reaction you get is “Wow, can I have your card?”

4. Neglecting to contact old clients on a regular basis. Just because you finished their living room project doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear from you any more. When in fact, old clients are your best and most lucrative source of referrals and new business.

5. Telling potential clients that you charge $150 (or whatever) and cost plus 25% (or what ever). Today’s economy is different from what it used to be and you need to craft an initial offer. Potential clients want to know what they are going to get and how much it will cost – so tell them!

6. Trying to be everyone’s designer. Yes, I know you are capable of designing for anyone, but you are NOT capable of marketing to everyone. Take the time of figure out who is your ideal client is and direct ALL your marketing specifically to attract her. This strategy will pay off big time!

7. Not developing a strong referral base. The truth is all successful high end interior design businesses are fueled by referrals. Design professionals need a pocketful of “influencers,” people that are connected to and trusted by their ideal client. These influencers can be a source of consistent business for a lifetime.

8. Social media is one of those tasks that needs to be done, but social media alone will not fuel your business. DO NOT spend all your marketing time on social media, pick the ONE platform your ideal client uses, create a plan for what will attract them to your site, and then get out from behind the screen and get out to network.

9. Don’t have a website. The truth today is that if you don’t have a website you don’t exist! What happen when someone refers you? The first thing that potential client does is look you up on the internet and you are not there… then YOU’RE NOT THERE.

10. Houzz is a no brainer… why would you not participate? Get your listing up to date, post photos, gather your testimonials and participate in conversations. Houzz can be a huge source of business, but beware, the leads are unqualified. So you need a strategy to profit from the inquiries.

Ok… there is more than ten, but I couldn’t skip this one, it is too big.

11. Getting caught in “I am not good enough yet” thinking that prevents you from entering design competitions, participating in home tours and show houses, and contacting local and regional publications with your photography.

These activities get you published and create the “social proof” that you are indeed the best. It also creates buzz and celebrity around yourself – making you the “name” designer in your community.

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