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Not giving away free design information while still signing up a new client during your first meeting can be difficult and tricky.

If you’re still going out on free first appointments with potential clients, it’s time to learn a better way of capturing clients and here are some tips to get started

  1. Develop a New Mindset:Consider this – a plumber doesn’t do house calls for free. He gets paid for his time to drive to the house, analyze the problem and fix the problem (or not). So tell me, why would a designer do it for free? It’s not necessary to always have a free first appointment with a new client – this is an old way leftover when we were planning on selling product to get paid. Same goes for the common belief that
  1. Create Your Offer Now: Write out all the details of your offer(s) and keep it by your phone.First, I suggest doing 1.5 to 2 hours working first appointment for a price (hint: more than your hourly rate).

    List the benefits you’ll provide during this first appointment, these are the things you’ll get done in that time frame, and be sure to talk about how much fun it’ll be!

    Next, practice your offer out loud and enough times that it rolls off your tongue with confidence and ease the next time your phone rings and you’re talking with a new (potential) client.

  2. Deliver your services with 110% effort: Show up at up at your appointment ready to work!Show off your skills, talents, and knowledge.

    WOW the client, solve problems and give them a great experience and you’ll be invited back for more!

When you’re paid for your first appointment, you’re free to be a designer and open up your imagination, knowledge, and experience to help your clients immediately.

So go out, have fun, get paid, and create something beautiful!


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