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Today we’ll be talking about the differences between working on an hourly basis vs. working on a fee basis as a designer, and why I switched to working on a fee basis in my own business.

The only thing scarier to your potential clients than a big price tag is the uncertainty around how big that number might actually get. When you present your services as an hourly cost, that number has the potential to grow indefinitely, and that would make anybody nervous! People want to KNOW what their financial commitment actually adds up to. 

Not only is selling your services as more of a “package” deal beneficial to your clients, but it’s beneficial to your business. By presenting your work as a fee-based service, your billing process, project management, and client commitment rates will improve. In this episode, I’ll be talking you through the reasons why!

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • Why billing hourly won’t get you the compensation you deserve
  • The benefits of presenting your services as a package deal
  • How a fee-based business makes billing more efficient
  • What a design fee means for budget, rate, and hours
  • The cons of billing hourly
  • How to talk about budget

Do you work on a fee basis or an hourly basis? Is your current billing method working for you and for your business? Are you interested in giving fee-based services a chance?

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Resources Mentioned:

  • Check out the Interior Design Business Academy website


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