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The Best Way to Attract Affluent Clients

Do you know how to attract affluent clients? You know … the clients that make decisions quickly, where a budget is not an issue, who has great (expensive) tastes and wants to live in a stunning home.

Yep, that’s the client you want – right?

Well, believe it or not … it’s actually easy to market and attract them to your business.

The first step is to understand what drives the purchasing habits of those high level, affluent clients.

You can already guess what they expect – great design, terrific customer service and good value in their purchases.

But what they want is an extraordinary experience. They prize special and unique experiences in everything they do – from vacations to cars and event interior design. Because they want “bragging rights” and to make others envious of what they have acquired or done.

Famous handbag labels know this buying habit well. A Louis Vitton bag would not be the same without the LV logo all over it. You spent a lot of money on that bag and you want everyone to know it!

How does that translate into high end interior design?

Creating enough celebrity for yourself to become a “name” designer in your community makes working with you a “bragable” experience. It lets your clients make a point to tell others that YOU designed their home. And others envy the close personal relationship that they have with you.

“Oh, did you hear who we’re working with?!”

How do you become a name designer in your community?

By getting published for participating in a show house or home tour … after all, you must be the best if you have been chosen to be in this event, right?!

By winning design awards and getting published…more social proof that that you are the best!

By submitting your beautiful photography and a story line to local and regional magazines and getting published as editorial.

Want to know how to do it?

Creating Your Celebrity:
How to Become Known As A Design Expert

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