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Do you approach your design businesses with a kind of half-hearted intent and a general lack of commitment to success? You know … position yourself to take on business if it falls in your lap, but if it doesn’t then you’re okay because you won’t be judged as a “failure”?

Lacking a commitment to your business and overall success often creates internal discontent and unhappiness, because you’re not going after what truly makes you happy. It’s the reason you end up attracting the wrong kinds of client and design jobs you don’t really want.

20150916-blog-photoAmbition was probably not taught or encouraged when you were a child.

Think about it, as little girls were you taught to act like a lady, not to brag about yourself, to wait to be noticed, strive to make everyone happy, always think of others first, and so on?

All of these messages were directed towards being a “good” wife and mother, and that’s all fine and good… but what should you do about your creative gifts and talents?

Owning your ambition helps you reach the levels of success you want to achieve in life and business. It helps you establish clear boundaries around your personal and family time, so you enjoy them more and protect them from unwanted influences. It’s also helps you become ready, willing and able to share your design talents with the world!

Believe me when I tell you there is an astounding amount of personal satisfaction and happiness that comes from following your dreams. And if you’re ready to truly know the satisfaction of seeing your work published in a magazine and becoming known as the design expert in your community … then I can show you how to get there today.

I’ve condensed my 30 years of running a successful design studio (with LOTS of very expensive marketing training) and combined it with the marketing strategies the successful design studios across the continent are using right now in order to share them with you at the 2015 Design Biz Summit: Finding High Paying Clients.

These 3 amazing days in Santa Fe, NM is where you’ll create your own personalized, step-by-step marketing plan so that you can have a steady stream of high paying clients that stay with you for life!

Check out the Design Biz Summit here

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