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The Art of Creating The Life You Love – FREE TRAINING VIDEO SERIES

Broke, divorced, and heartbroken.

This was me when I found myself as a single parent with a straight commission furniture store designer job selling the ugliest pink sleeper sofas you can possibly imagine.

Motivated, passionate, and abundant.

That’s how my world transformed when I decided I wasn’t going to let my current circumstance determine the outcome of my life.

I had a dream to use my passion for designing to start my own business so I could have the freedom to live life the way I wanted, knowing I would not just survive… but thrive!

Just like you.

You too started with a dream, a bigger why, a reason for working so hard to learn the skills you have today as a designer.

Did it include…

  • Ensuring you’d greet your kids every day after school and have as much time as you wanted to spend with them as they showered you with every last detail of their day?
  • Or hearing the click of your high heels as you walked to an elevator that’d take you to your design studio with a million-dollar view of the city?
  • Or maybe feeling the low, comforting hum of a BMW as you cruised to a planning meeting with clients and their architect for their new 10,000 square ft. house?

You may say, “ Sure, I had a dream, but reality hit, and this is how life is now.”

Ok, I get that.

The roller-coaster of life includes ups and downs, love and loss, emotional highs and rock bottom lows… life is ever flowing and ever changing.

But I want you to remember what it was that motivated you to start your career in the first place.

Because if you’re not actively creating what you really want in life today, then you, my friend, are not alone.

I’ve talked with many designers who feel stuck, weighed down by their realities, and it’s why I’ve created a 3-video training series to help you shake things up, dust off your dreams ( or even create new ones), and reconnect with your passion as a designer!

Why continue to have the same day after day kind of life if falls under the ‘ meh’ category?

Maybe you’re just going through the motions of your day, living by circumstance, and hoping something, someday will change?

If so, you need to watch this video and do what’s in this powerful training now.

This is a gift from me to you, a short cut of the lessons I’ve learned, and it’s on-demand… meaning you don’t have to sign up for a specific time. You just need to CLICK HERE, fill out the quick and easy form, and press play and watch!

It’ll be the best exercise you’ll get this week – consider it a workout for your soul – and I promise you’ll feel a little more giddy-up in your step throughout the rest of your day!

You are smart, kind, and loved – so let’s make sure your life reflects the kind of awesome that you truly are!

P.S. Let’s shine some light on you and help (re)discover what’s behind your passion for design, so you remember what it feels, sounds, and looks like to jump out of bed with excitement for the day!

This is the FIRST of 3 training videos and you’re just going to love it! It’s on demand  – watch it here – and remember to share your dreams and bigger why in the comments!

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