You're an amazing designer

but when it comes to your business – you're blocked.

Apply to get your free Strategy Session with one of our expert coaches to start clearing those blocks and move your interior design business to new levels of success.

If you want a creative business that pays you what you're worth so you can have the lifestyle and business you love – this call is for you.

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When you book your 60-minute Strategy Session, one of our expert IDBA coaches will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on exactly what your dream design business looks like and means to you
  • Find out what could be slowing you down, getting in your way, or blocking you from having the design business of your dreams
  • Understand what to prioritize now to earn more, while working less
  • Discover if design business coaching is the right fit for you and what the next steps would look like

We guarantee you'll walk away from your Strategy Session motivated and inspired to make your dream business a reality.

Don't miss this opportunity to get the clarity you need right now.

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You have a gift for design and you’re a hard worker, but you’re struggling to create the business you desire.

It feels like there’s so much to do and it’s overwhelming to piece it all together.

What if you had the structure and personalized support to grow your design business and your income without working harder?

How would it feel if you could walk into a client meeting owning the room?

Having clients eating up your proposal – ready to hand over 5 and 6-figure design fees as if you’ve just asked them to “pass the salt”...

Having the confidence to know you can take on big design jobs because you have a plan and a process for making it happen…

Having a complete tool box to work with each time you start a new design job so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel with every client…

Growing from a “one-man-band” to a productive team so you can have the freedom to live the life you want instead of feeling chained to your desk each night...

And of course, being able to ask for money without the drama or fear.

Juli Brocato

Brocato Designing Company

“Never in a million years would I have imagined that I’d go from charging my first $10,000 design fee, to just a few months later making $100K+ design fees the standard. I mean it’s just insane. The clients are blown away by my process. It’s everything I’ve learned through IDBA – they’re just eating it up.”

Shane Foshee

Shane Foshee Design

“My business is in a completely different place. I actually have a team, so I’m not the ‘one-man band’ and I’ve started delegating and having more freedom every day. Now I’m charging $150,000 fees. I was dreaming of having the type of client I have now and it really is remarkable that it’s here.” 

Sara Allen

Interior Designer

“Wow! My business has TRANSFORMED in one year. I went from a one-woman show doing one-room designs and selling blocks of time for $150/hr to landing a $95K fee project with a dream architect. I’m in so much shock with what I’ve achieved. Now we are booking out and getting deposits to hold spots in our calendar, I’ve hired my first employee and have another great consultant on the team. All while becoming a mom for the first time!”

Beverly Brokaw

Design Consultant

“Now I’m the person I always wanted to be in my business – the trusted consultant not the ‘pillow-fluffer sales person who’s going to come in and spend all your money’. It’s a very different business than I used to run.”

Our proven coaching process will help you get your design business UNBLOCKED and flowing in all the right ways.

It starts with applying for your free Strategy Session with one of our expert coaches

We know you’re busy doing incredible work for your clients, so we want to help you quickly identify the handful of ‘best decisions’ that’ll get your business on track.

Your free Strategy Session is an opportunity for you to share your exact situation with someone who understands what you do. 

We’ll talk about your unique challenges and look at options that would help you.

As a heads up, the 60-minute Strategy Session does have a brief application process. 

All you have to do is click the apply button below and book a short business qualifying call to make sure our Strategy Session is right for you. 

Apply for your free strategy session here

It’s time to win more high-fee design jobs, create more profit, and have more time to be with the people you love.

Go from this

  • Charging a couple of hours here and there and feeling like you’ve sold yourself short
  • Feeling fear and trepidation around asking for money
  • Working evenings and weekends because you aren’t able to set strong client boundaries
  • Doing everything yourself, even though you know you could be delegating more
  • Working with clients who drain your energy and don’t value the work that you do
  • Having inconsistent cash flow and not knowing if you’re going to be able to pay yourself each month

To this

  • Presenting a substantial design fee that’s based on a true scope of work
  • Having a strong, confident money mindset that allows you to charge what your work is worth
  • Working the hours that you want to with plenty of time to spend with your family and doing the things you love
  • Having a world-class team that you feel confident delegating to so you can stay in your zone of genius
  • Having incredible clients who eat up everything you say and recommend your work to all their friends
  • Consistent cash flow and a generous paycheck for yourself each and every month

I have made so many changes in my business over the last two years being in IDBA that it has turned my business around!!!  ALL of IDBA is an "AHA Moment"!  THANK YOU!!!

Sheryl Stienberg, INterior ARchitectural Designer

Let these designer transformations inspire you to action

You too can become a high-paid, confident designer with a business that generates consistent sales and an endless stream of referrals

The Interior Design Business Academy is for the designer who’s ready to experience what it feels like to have a business model that doesn’t just trade dollars-for-hours. 

If you’re ready to stop playing small in your design business – in IDBA you’ll learn how to start taking up more space, how to increase your influence in a job, and gain more respect from contractors and clients. 

We help you lay the foundations with new business systems so you can land bigger, better jobs and more upscale clients.

In our coaching programs, you’ll find out how to clearly and confidently ask for what you want – including high-end fees. 

You’ll also learn ways to finally put boundaries and limits into your projects that clients and contractors respect and that protect your precious time.

We help you overcome the fear and doubt that sets in when taking on new jobs, so you can step into your role as a designer-in-charge.

You have so much value to bring to a design job, and there’s no better time than now to take action on it.

Stop delaying your dreams and start stepping into a new level of doing business.

Naïka André

CEO + Principal Designer

“IDBA is so much more than an interior design coaching program, they’re family! Terri and her team helped me identify and tackle limiting beliefs so that I could overcome them and push forward. I can confidently say the knowledge I gained while being an IDBA member is PRICELESS. If it wasn't for IDBA, I would not have been able to get my first 10K design fee. It’s all because of everything Terri taught me. Now I'm landing projects with larger design fees and I’m confident in running my interior design business so that it’s profitable. Thank you Terri and the entire IDBA team.”

Laura Lee Capilla

Interior Designer

“Since I started working with Terri, I’ve put my systems and processes in place, I’ve hired a couple of part-time employees, and I’ve MORE THAN DOUBLED my business. I have so much more confidence in presenting my value to my clients and feeling like I’m worth what they're paying me. I'm empowered to be a professional businesswoman – people respect what I do and I love giving back to them.”

Hi, I'm Terri Taylor.

And here’s how I know you need a Strategy Session

Over the years, working with thousands of designers, I’ve noticed there are a few common factors that stop interior designers from reaching their business goals. 

Whether it’s finding the right clients, generating enough profit to take home an actual salary, getting production right, or being able to delegate to a top team, they all have pretty much the same result:

You’re feeling frustrated. 

Things are starting to get on your nerves because you keep struggling to break through and “make it”. 

Maybe little situations or setbacks that shouldn’t be a big deal are starting to feel like the end of the world. 

You don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s scary, because what if you can’t get this working?

Worst of all, your very talent, the design that you love, is not getting the chance to be expressed. 

This talent of yours - your love for beauty, your eye for arranging a room so tastefully…

… this is a PART of you.

And it hurts, down deep inside, if you can’t express that talent the way it’s supposed to be expressed.

It hurts at a visceral level. 

Inside of you, there’s a drive to create. It’s MEANT to be expressed. It begs to be expressed. 

If it’s squelched because you’re just not given the opportunity to use it – that’s not right. 

The world needs your talent, fully and joyously expressed. 

If you’re sick and tired of trying way too hard for way too little results, let me share a little truth that will give you hope: 

Unlocking your blocks is not about hustling more.

It really comes down to a matter of making different decisions. 

To help you quickly identify the handful of “best decisions” that will get your business on track, I invite you to book a Strategy Session with my team. 

This call is an opportunity for you to share your exact situation with someone who understands what you do. We’ll talk about your unique challenges and look at options that would help you . 

As a heads up, the Strategy Session does have an application process. It’s simple and straightforward, but it’s just a way of showing that you’re serious about building your business.

By protecting my team’s time in this way, I can continue to offer these calls for free. 

To apply and book your Strategy Session, click below and get started.

Because your talent matters. So let’s get you paid what you’re worth.

Barbara B

High-End Interior Designer

“Since working with you, I’ve learned so much about how my attitude to money affects how much I earn. And I would say that my income has doubled. Before, I was probably making 50 – 60K net, now I haven’t made less than six figures for the last four years.” 

What it’s like to talk to our expert coaches

One 60-minute Strategy Session could bring the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for in your design business

Our expert coaches will pull apart some of the blocks that have kept your business stuck.

step 1

First, your expert business coach will listen to what’s working and not working in your design business.

step 2

We’ll help you get clear on exactly what your dream design business looks like and means to you.

step 3

Then, we’ll help you prioritize what you need to do to earn more while working less – so you know what actions to take going forward.

step 4

We’ll explore what kind of help you’ll need to make it all happen, and whether design business coaching with IDBA is the right fit for you.

Designers have told us that in just this free session, they’ve walked away with the motivation, inspiration and confidence to start making their dream business a reality.

The designers who schedule their FREE Strategy Session have this in common:

  • They’re currently working with clients and they know they do great work.
  • They deeply desire to have clients that appreciate their talents (and a bank balance that shows it!)
  • They’re committed to putting in the effort to make their dreams happen (even if they’re unsure on the steps right now or it all feels completely overwhelming…)
  • They’re ready to get an expert perspective on their business and support from someone who has ‘walked their talk’ in the interior design industry and knows how to help them get where they want to be.
  • They know there’s a better way to grow their business – one that doesn’t involve being chained to their desk all night and day, or settling for clients that are less than ideal…  

This call is 100% cost AND obligation free

Although we know our high-quality trainings, systems and support have helped thousands of designers like you to build incredible businesses…

We’re not here to convince you to join our coaching program. 

We’re here to listen to your situation, see what’s not working, and roll up our sleeves to give you some solutions. 

All you have to do is click one of the buttons on this page to apply. 

We’ll then ask a few quick questions so we can learn more about you. 

Following that, and if you qualify, we’ll get a date and time booked in for a call that suits your calendar.

In the Strategy Session, we’ll have a conversation, we’ll get you unstuck, and if one of our IDBA coaching programs is right for you – we’ll talk about how you can take the next step up.

*We have a short qualification process to make sure you’re the right fit for this call

So, what would life look like if you took this step?

Let's hop in a time capsule to the future...

It’s 3 years down the road, and you unlocked all your business blocks by getting the right kind of coaching and support early on. 

Your design business has not only grown – it’s rewarded you with better and better clients who love your work and give you rave reviews and referrals. 

Because you’ve attracted new clients consistently, your business is thriving and you’re doing your ideal work with your target clients. 

You’ve moved upmarket quite a bit, and now you’re the go-to designer for high-end clients.

You’re charging more because you know your worth, and it’s been a long time since you were desperate for business. 

You’ve even been able to hire and free up your time, so you have time to attend your children’s games, recitals, and important moments. 

Or travel. 

Or take a 3-day weekend every single week. 

You have time for art, or riding horses, or volunteer work, or whatever makes you happy.

And your design work is getting praised from every corner. 

You take a deep breath and realize, “This feels really good!” 

This is the kind of realization IDBA students are having every day of the week.

And this could be your life too…

Casey Brand

Interior Designer

"I can’t believe this is my business. I work so much less and am not stressed out over every second of my day being efficient due to the headache of documenting each hour so I can be sure to be paid. I have signed 4 new contracts in the past month, including a fee of $20k for new construction, and today a kitchen remodel for a fee of $14,500. Many thanks for all of your great guidance, insight and big brain.”

You could start overhauling your interior design business right now, but…

Your ego might be coming up with a ton of reasons for you NOT to apply.

These very rational excuses are just your ego doing everything it can to keep you in the same place you are now and maintain the status quo. That’s its job.

But, what you also need to know is that the only way you break through is to COMMIT to doing whatever it takes to achieve the life, clients, and jobs you want.

It is easy to say, “I’m not ready,” or “I’m gonna figure this out on my own,” or “I’m not sure if this is exactly right for me.” It’s your ego’s way of bargaining with your future and saying, “Oh, I’ll do it another time”.

The resistance you may be experiencing is the exact evidence telling you NOW is YOUR time to break through.

About Our founder, terri taylor

More than 35 years ago, Terri started her interior design business as a single practitioner and eventually built the business into an award-winning, multi-million-dollar-a-year company. 

Now, she focuses on helping designers who are tired of being overworked and underpaid. 

It took a lot of making mistakes and trying things for Terri to get to where she is today. She wants to give you the straight truth to help YOU avoid mistakes and take the shortest path to build a design business that really works.

Over the past 10+ years, Terri has coached thousands of designers to grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figures with grace and ease. 

She’s known as a straight-talking ‘technical expert’ when it comes to streamlining your design business.

Her value-packed events and coaching programs are designed to move you and your design business to whole new levels of getting paid what your work is worth.

If you’re reading this… it’s time for you to have that too. 

Because you deserve to be appreciated for your talents – and for your business to expand into its true potential. 

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