Cash Flow Crash?

Have you ever had a couple of nice big jobs that kept you buried in your work with getting all the details right and creating great designs?

Of course – we all have!

Now, do you also remember that feeling of the installations starting (and looking really good), the clients are happy and can’t wait to move in…but then IT HITS YOU … you don’t have any new clients in the pipeline to replace these jobs once they’re completed!

Then you start to worry, and worry turns to fear, and you think you need to do something…but what?

What if there are no more clients? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I turn into a bag lady?

A Hermes bag of course 😉

Seriously, has that panic thought ever crossed your mind?

It has for me…

The truth is, all this anxiety and angst is caused by not keeping up with your marketing when you’re busy with jobs and clients. You can’t wait until your jobs are all done before you start marketing again, because it’s too late – the cash flow crash is coming quickly.

The solution to this reoccurring drama is to have a marketing plan tailored specifically to your business.

It needs to be simple and easy to manage, so you can keep it going even when you’re up to your ears in design details.

Not sure where to start?

Check out my Finding Affluent Clients 90 Day Coaching Program!

This is your chance to have ME guide you through the steps in creating your ONE PAGE customized marketing plan that’s easily implemented, even when you’re busy, and keeps you off the cash flow roller coaster.

Meanwhile, would you like a “Band-Aid” for your current lack of clients’ problem?

Here are two things you can do right now to get new clients in your business:

1. Clean out your former client notebooks, file it all away, return all the old memos and create space in your office for new clients. Think “Feng Shui”

2. Call one former client a day (until you’ve talked to them all) and say “hello” –

You don’t have to ask for business or referrals if you are not comfortable with the idea (of course you certainly can if you want to). Just check in and see what is going on. Invite your favorites for coffee or lunch. Stir the pot, your past clients are always your “lowest hanging fruit.”

I predict that in about six weeks you will be very busy again! Send me an email and tell me what happened, I love hearing these stories!

And sign up for the Finding Affluent Clients 90 Day Coaching Program, the complete guide to marketing your Interior Design business NOW. This is your chance to have me on YOUR TEAM to get your marketing in order and get off the cash flow roller coaster FOREVER!

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