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Designers who are clinging to the old “charge by the hour” way of working will tell me that their clients like to pay them hourly. I always reply by saying that this simply isn’t true because they’ve never given their client the choice … so they don’t know for sure!  Plus, I know that clients are thrilled to pay you on a fee basis!

I recently coached a designer on her approach of moving a steady client, who was used to paying for design services on an hourly basis, into a design service fee.

The designer was apprehensive (of course) about how her client would react to the change. Together we crafted a script that explained that she was making some changes to improve her design business. In the script she highlighted that it was unfair for her clients not to know what a job was going to cost and wanted them to enjoy the design process instead of worrying about the final price tag. She also explained that from now on she’d always quote a fee for design work before getting started, so they’d both know exactly what they are getting into.

How do you think the client responded? With a smile while saying, “Well Mary, it’s about time!”

Clients love design fees for services! They want you to be more professional and business like by telling them what the design job costs, so they can say “yes” and not have to worry about the “unknown costs”. Although it may seem scary to do for your business, it’s doesn’t have to be!

It’s actually easy to do and I’ll show you how during:

Work Less – Get Paid More, Design Service Fees Mage Easy, Project Time Estimating System 2.0 4-Part Webinar Series

The 4-Part webinar series includes the estimating tool Project Time Estimating System 2.0, so you charge for ALL the design tasks needed to complete your next project.

This tool is set up the way we were taught to do a design job, Programming, Schematic, Design Development, Project Management and so on. Under each category is a list of all the little tasks that need to be done. You add how much time you think that each of those tasks will take then you add your internal hourly rate and the Project Time Estimating System calculates your fee. It’s really that easy!

Of course all the systems and templates in the world won’t do a bit of good if we don’t work on the emotional issues that surround you charging what you are really worth.

Attend this 4-part webinar series to:

  • shift your old self-worth and limiting money beliefs into one that understands the value of your service for your clients.

  • learn to turn client conversations into a clear Scope of Services statement.

  • create Design Service Offers based on your Scope of Services that cover all your time and puts substantially more money on your pocket!

  • ask lots of questions about crafting an offer for a job that you are working on, best ways to trouble shoot an offer you’ve made but didn’t work … and even get some spotlight coaching from Terri on your money mindset.

And don’t worry if you miss one the webinar sessions, each session is recorded and will posted so you can download to your computer and listen whenever you like!

Hurry and Save Your Spot Today!

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