Painful Comparisons

Have you ever thought that what someone else has is better than what you have?

I often hear designers comparing themselves to others, thinking that “those designers” have better clients, bigger jobs and make more money.

These kinds of comparisons only make you feel “less than” and make you fall short of meeting your goals. Comparing yourself to others is truly the quickest way to diminish your self-worth and destroy your confidence.

Because you can always find someone who looks like they have better design jobs, nicer clients, a better car, smarter kids, better shoes, a better husband, better hair… the list is endless. But there is no way to win the comparison game – you’re always set up to be the loser.
What’s the answer to stopping this self-defeating behavior?
Paying attention to your self-talk and consciously refusing to compare yourself to others.

Here are 3 tips to help you get on track and build your self-confidence.

#1) Pay Attention to Your Self-talk

Notice when you start playing the “comparison game.” Don’t beat yourself up; it takes some practice to break the habit.

When you catch yourself comparing and diminishing yourself, replace that thought with “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.”

#2) Live Your OWN Dream

Stop listening to the criticism and advice of others. There are many people in your life who think they know what is best for you yet, only you know deep down what is right and true for you.

Next time someone provides unsolicited advice (or criticism), pleasantly thank them for their concern and follow your heart.

You may wish to please them by doing what they say, but when your desire turns into worrying that they’ll no longer be your friend or client if you don’t do what they want… that’s your wakeup call!

#3) Find People Who Lift You Up And Inspire You

There are people who you feel happy when you meet them, lift your spirit up, and brighten your day. There are others who set inspiring examples, believe in you, challenge you to be a better person, and support you in achieving more than you thought you could.

These are the kinds of people to surround yourself with and who want to be supported by you too!

I know you’re more brilliant and magnificent than you give yourself credit for. To be successful in your business, your dream must be bigger than what you’re already doing now.

Let your ambition inspire you and know that the resources you need are at hand. Experience has shown that opportunity usually shows up from above where you currently are and it pulls you forward.

Your opportunity to own your dream is now.

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