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20150304-blog-photoTell me if this sounds familiar?

One minute you’re totally confident with the design of the century you’re creating for your client, thinking to yourself, “this one is going to make the national magazines and get my name in lights”… then the next minute you’re fearful, terrified and uncertain if your design business will ever make it because of one little nasty phone call from a grumpy client.

Don’t worry; this has happened to every designer! You get into this place of questioning your confidence. The problem is that by focusing on your self-doubt, you’ve got no room for your confidence to bloom and grow.

Your self-confidence needs to be treasured, protected and nurtured every day.

Why is it so important?

Because your confidence affects the kind of clients you attract, defines the way clients treat you, and ultimately outlines the quality of the work you produce. Most important, your confidence determines how easily you move into design service fees. In the end, your confidence determines your income.

Consider these points the next time you start doubting yourself:

First, recognize that continuously worrying and focusing on not being good enough is actually self-centered. When your attention is totally and truly on serving your ideal client and providing them with what they really want, there is no room for self-doubt. Turn your focus totally on your clients’ needs and you’ll be surprised to discover that you’ll get out of your own way of being truly great!

Next, be extraordinarily good at your craft. This includes listening very carefully and acknowledging your clients wishes and dreams, providing them with concierge level service, and striving to be the best that you can possibly be.

Finally, work with accurate information. Guessing what a design service fee should be is a bad practice that leads to financial disaster. Use a proven system, like Project Time Estimating System 2.0, to reliably calculate a fee that’s fair for both you and your client.

Luckily, lacking or losing your confidence isn’t permanent. It’s temporary, even when it is feeling really bad. Remember these 3 tips, stay focused on your greatness and create something beautiful!

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