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Perhaps the first you need to know is where confidence doesn’t come from.

Confidence doesn’t come from always being successful … because you learn and grow much more from your misses, mistakes, course adjustments and sometimes failures.

Confidence doesn’t come from enormous amounts of time researching every possible option, endless drafting projects or re-working a completed designs over again. This only creates resentment, exhaustion and burn-out.

Confidence also doesn’t come from knowing the outcome or what’s going to happen before you make a decision. The universe simply doesn’t support that behavior pattern. If you wait around till you know for sure, your opportunities will have almost always passed you by.

So where does confidence come from?

It’s simple … through practice.

When you start a daily practice of setting several small goals and completing them, you’ll start training your subconscious to trust yourself, your decisions and feelings. You’ll also get used to taking action and completing daily goal – a BIG confidence booster!

Also practice writing down what you did well and what your success were for each day. List what cool surprises happened and, of course, what you’re grateful for. This daily practice will flood your subconscious with proof of how awesome you really are and you’ll quickly develop an even deeper trust in yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at what you might call your “failure decisions” because these are gifts too.

First, there are no bad decisions because every decision seems like a good decision at the time. Instead, consider something that didn’t turn out the way you wanted as a “divine re-direction” to help show you the right way for you to precede in a project or life. Getting clear on the gift that the decision brought you will also help make different choices in the future and get closer to achieving your goals.

These daily practices will help you start believing in yourself and get you closer to what you really want in life!

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