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Creating Offers That Clients Can’t Refuse

I’ve discovered over the years that potential clients are often confused about what services Designers are actually offering them.

Most of the time clients don’t understand exactly what they’ll end up with by working with you, because you’re often not clear enough about your “deliverables”. Then to add insult to injury, you don’t tell them what it will cost!

Telling clients that it’s “$125 an hour, plus 30%” does not answer the “what will this cost me” question. You’ve instead told them how your billing works, so it’s no wonder they’re hesitant (or even scared) to hire you.

The way to quickly gain new clients and increase your income is by taking the time and effort to create offers that make it easy for your ideal clients to say “Yes!”

First, you must be brutally honest with yourself about what you’re missing, or what you have too much of, in your design services offer. If you’re not completely honest with yourself, you’ll easily miss out on making your offer a winner and will instead be in for some very disappointing results.

Now…you’ll want to be careful here, because this offer is probably not the way that they taught you to do it in design school.

To make sure we’re on the same page – package offers for design services are the best way to increase your income, because they streamline your time and make your services more marketable. Package offers for design services replace charging by the hour, which (as you may already know) is the worst strategy for pricing your services!

Here are 3 easy ways to create a package offer for your design services that your clients will love.

1) Pay attention to what your clients are asking for and create an offer around only those services.

HINT: Be sure that your offer is what the client wants to buy not what you think they need.

And don’t worry…there’s plenty of time to up-grade your services once the clients knows you and understands the value of what you’re providing.

2) Make sure you’re clear and confident with clients about the benefits they’ll receive by working with you.

Briefly describe to them the deliverables they’ll receive and, more importantly, how their lives will change from investing in your offer.

Remember, clients will invest in offers that solve problems that are important to them.

3) Price your offers appropriately to attract your ideal client!

It may seem odd, but it’s critical that you charge enough for people to value your services.

Undercharging sends a message that you don’t quite believe in your ability to deliver awesome results.

Making clear package offers to clients for your design services and you’ll quickly boost your income while dramatically increase your confidence.

Take a fresh look at what you have been offering, tweak it a bit and go get a new client!

Having the utmost confidence when setting your design fee is so important that I’m hosting a FREE ENCORE TRAINING CALL:

Creating Offers Clients Can’t Refuse!
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