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See you both at the virtual mix & mingle party on November 8th!

All the confirmation details will be provided to your friend by email. Please take a moment to send them this confirmation and ask them to whitelabel my email address: terri@idbacademy.com.

In the meantime, please add this event to your calendar and prepare to completely overhaul your interior design business in 3 days.

Tuesday, November 8

Mix and Mingle


Wednesday, November 9

IDBA Summit – Day 1


Thursday, November 10

IDBA Summit – Day 2


Friday, November 11

IDBA Summit – Day 3



“I can’t believe this is my business. I work so much less and am not stressed out over every second of my day being efficient due to the headache of documenting each hour so I can be sure to be paid. I have signed 4 new contracts in the past month, including a fee of $20k for new construction, and today a kitchen remodel for a fee of $14,500. Many thanks for all of your great guidance, insight and big brain.”

– Casey Brand, Interior Designer

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