What is design celebrity?

Before I run out the door to meet my Mom for dinner tonight, I want to be sure to clarify some questions that have been coming in about becoming a design celebrity in your community.

Design celebrity results from creating or participating in situations where the public is aware of your name being associated or connected to top quality interior design projects. Design celebrity means that you are the name that people in your community think of when someone talks about interior design.

Why would you want to be a design celebrity? Certainly not because you want to show off, win or let others know you are better than them. You want design celebrity because it develops name recognition in your community and is responsible for attracting those high paying clients that you want in your business. So creating celebrity status for yourself as a designer should rank high in your marketing priorities.

How do you create design celebrity? By creating or participating in situations that produce social proof, that is other people publically announcing that you are the best.

Social proof can be created by your work being published in magazines. This is far more powerful than advertising; everyone knows that you buy an ad. When you’re published, the magazine is telling its readers that they believe your work is exemplary. The same thing happens when you win a design award and it’s published – the public sees that you must be the very best. Or when you do a room in a show house, you must be awfully good or you wouldn’t be there, right?

These are all ways of creating social proof. If you would like to know more about how to create design celebrity in your business join me…

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