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She Did What?! How A Designer Made 10x More This Year!

This week a designer sent me an email full of joy, wonder, nd excitement… and I just have to share her story with you!

Why all the excitement?

She just received her biggest deposit check ever on a design fee of almost $30K and a signed Letter of Agreement that notes that the furniture budget is at least $175K.

Why the wonder?

A year ago her “good” design jobs were about $20 -25K, with $3,000 design fee, and a few hours of design time.

Why the joy?

Well, that is pretty obvious!

Just as you know, when you have a whole house job with a good budget you can let your creative flag fly :-). Plus, having a fabulous project worthy of publishing is at your fingertips, not to mention a profit, is pretty wonderful.

Nice, right?!

So, what happened to her? How did she do it? How did she make that huge step up?

She up-leveled her Mindset.

She worked on the inside game, the part about believing in what was actually possible for herself.

She dusted off her dreams that she’d put at the back of her priority list and turned them into goals (remember: goals are just dreams with deadlines) and said with conviction to the universe aloud, “this is what I want.”

She let go of old beliefs like…

  • My clients are just not going to spend that much
  • If they knew how much it’ll cost to work with me… they’d never agree to do it
  • Since I don’t belong to a Country Club, “those kind of high-end jobs” are just not going to be available to me
  • I should just be happy with getting by and paying the bills

Next, she and I developed a strategy for her to be more comfortable talking about money and steps for getting budget commitments with prospective clients.

She then started to easily sign up new up-market clients with the new strategies, which included using the magic link between budgets and design fees with a clear, well written Letter of Agreement.

And add in the creation of some ‘celebrity’ with a couple local articles published about her and a good Show House presence, and she is on track to triple her numbers this year!

These kinds of results are what I love most and make me happy ?

If you are looking for this kind of happy….

And you have reached a certain place in your business where you know you’re ready for the next level of strategic, customized support.

After all, once the foundation is in place, the clients and revenue are coming in, that’s when things are really getting complicated.

The challenges are bigger, the questions more dynamic.

Understandably, you don’t want to be a part of a one size fits all group where the emphasis is in “how to” information.

You want customized strategy and real-time guidance specific to your business and you want it from someone who has been there, walked in those shoes.

Someone you can trust.

If this sounds like you, I have 2 opportunities available to work directly with me:

OPPORTUNITY #1 One Seat in my Masters Program

Right now, I have one open seat available in my year-long, exclusive Masters Program.

I intentionally keep this group small, a maximum of 8 committed designers, so I have the bandwidth to get to know each member, his or her business, and provide one-on-one support.

Clients at the Master level receive significant access to me, including private half-day strategy sessions, they email or text me with questions, have private monthly coaching with me, and phone support when needed.

In addition to direct access to me, Masters also get together twice a year in a beautiful mountainside resort in Tucson, AZ for a “get down to business” strategic planning retreat.

Masters is ideal if you’re already making 6 figures or more in your business and would like my support by your side in achieving your goals in the next 12 months.

If you are interested in being considered for the open seat, please completely fill out the assessment HERE<<<

Once you submit your assessment, you can expect an immediate call from my team who will book your private call directly with me.

NOTE: Understand this is for serious design business owners who are committed to growing their business. While I cannot obviously guarantee a result, it is not unusual for designers to triple their incomes in their first year working with me. This program requires a 5-figure investment. If you’re not ready to step into this kind of investment, this is probably not the right opportunity for you at this time.

OPPORTUNITY #2 Private VIP Strategy Days this Summer

For a much lower investment, I also offer Private VIP Strategy days which is a perfect fit if you’d like to work with me for a short burst.

A VIP Strategy starts with a private intake call, where I get to know you and your business. Then we meet in person for a full day where we map out your specific strategic growth plan.

Additionally, you receive two more private strategy calls with me at the 30 and 60 days milestones after our planning session, as well as 8 weeks of email support, so you get your questions answered and stay on track with your plan.

We are now accepting applications for the summer. VIP Strategy days are held in Tucson, AZ or beautiful San Diego, CA (where I spend much of my summer).

If this sounds like a fit for you, fill out and submit the short assessment, and schedule a time to speak with me <<<

A Word of Caution: If your focus is to work with up-scale clients and big budget jobs, I encourage you to get support from someone who has real world experience in setting design fees, writing strong Letters of Agreement and closing high-end deals. And listen, it doesn’t have to be me, but it needs to be with someone who can help you make tangible plans that get you closer to your dreams.

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