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Wendy Appleby

My salary has gone up about 200% since I started working with Terri!

Your Home By Wendy – Wendy Appleby
Baltimore, MD

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I started out just creating pretty rooms with what I thought was a strong business behind me. I told myself I was doing perfectly fine. I was working hourly, and I didn’t have contracts for clients. Once I started working with Terri, my eyes were opened to a whole new level of success that I hadn’t even imagined was possible for me!

Working with Interior Design Business Academy

When I started working with Terri, she recommended that I create bundles of time for clients when a contract might be too much for their budget. That started me down the path to no longer work hourly, and to have minimums, and now every project gets a contract.

Terri also taught me the concept of fake it ‘til you make it. If a project I like presents itself, and it’s talking to me, whether I’ve done it before or not, I just go in headfirst. I find a way to get it done! That level of confidence has overhauled both me and my business 100%.

This has also helped me in dealing with prospective clients. Before, if a client did not hire me, I took that personally. Now, if I quote for an initial consult, and they say it’s too much – they’re just not my client! Instead of demoting myself and trying to make something work, I move on to clients that are a better fit.


My salary has gone up about 200% since I started working with Terri. I need a dry erase board now to list all my current projects because it’s too many to keep in my head. Also, there are definite boundaries now where I don’t respond to client inquiries beyond normal office hours anymore, which has helped me make my family a priority.

Terri has made a lasting impression on me as well as on others. Because of her program, I’ve developed confidence and found empowerment through designers I’ve met from all over the country! What I learned from Terri has changed my business and will continue to do so for a lifetime.