Designers Stories

Janet Patterson

Meeting with Terri was a major turning point. Now I don’t do anything less than a $10,000 design fee, and I pick and choose my clients.

Megan Siason

My freedom is a result of going through the mindset and strategic workshops with Terri. When I joined IDBA, I was making about $80-$90k. This year, I’m just under the $200k mark.

Wendy Appleby

My salary has gone up about 200% since I started working with Terri. What I learned from Terri has changed my business and will continue to do so for a lifetime.

Barbara Bell

The very first time I quoted $20K for a job, the client said yes! It was INCREDIBLE! Working with Terri and IDBA changed my business forever. 

Ashley Pate

I now have a design business that’s more professional, and with my increased confidence in pricing … my fees have increased as well! 

Richard Rabel

Working with Terri opened my business up for new opportunities! I’m also one of the designers selected for the venerable Kips Bay 2019 Showhouse in NYC.

Anne Buresh

My interior design career started in 2011 after having a variety of friends, family, and friends of friends ask me to “do” their house.

Kristy Sherill

By the end of 2011, I was a year into my business, a single Mom, and in survival mode! I had a different set of beliefs about how to run my business, which included lots of fear about what the next job would be or if there really was going to be a next job.

Tina Marie

I was successfully working as a furniture store designer but wanted to set out and be my own boss. I was working with some good clients but wasn’t sure how to structure my jobs for profitability.

Bonnie J. Lewis

After a successful marketing management career in the corporate world, I went back to school for an interior design degree.

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Mimi F.

I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful advice you had gave me. We tackeled so many issues during our very intense day, it wasn't until I transcribed your outlines into the notebook that I was able to absord the issues and solutions.