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You Don’t Have to Give More to Be Paid More

I was visiting my family in San Diego last week when I started thinking about years ago, when I was first trying to figure out how to charge design fees.

I knew I was supposed to charge for a design fee, but had always been paid from selling furniture and wondered what more I needed to give clients in order to charge a design fee too?

It took me awhile to figure it out when the answer hit me like a truck … I DIDN’T NEED TO GIVE MORE; I just needed to understand the true value of what I was already doing for them.

When you design a space for a client … it’s a gift from your heart. You’re probably so passionate about designing that you’d actually work for free. But you don’t want to tell anyone that – you’re running a business and need to be paid for your skills!

You change lives by creating beauty and function in environments, make spaces safe and healthy for others, and (in many instances) prevent your clients from making expensive mistakes by providing concierge level service to those who are extremely busy.

You deserve to be paid well for the gifts you bring to your clients!

Start believing in the good you provide, you’ll become more open to receiving the gifts you deserve.

How do you start believing in your abilities as a designer?

Start by paying attention to your thoughts focused on the results you give your clients, the problems you solve for them, and (most importantly) the happiness they feel by working with you.

As you know, what you say turns into what is what’s created in your life, so here is an affirmation to create abundance:

I’m an amazing designer who provides great value to my clients and I deserve to prosper.

Put this on your vanity mirror or above your computer and say it out loud often. You don’t have to give more to get paid more – you just need to start getting paid what your worth!

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