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Don’t Have Time for Marketing?

I took some time off and had a fun with my kids at the San Diego Zoo. My grandson Easton and I searched for that little monkey we know is in there… somewhere.

Just like you know that your next ideal client is out there… somewhere, but where are they?

If you’ve been keeping up with your marketing, those ideal clients are finding you!

A good marketing system for an interior designer includes consistent networking opportunities combined with a few good referral partners, a website that makes a clear compelling offer and a bit of savvy social media.

Top it off with a little “celebrity,” your work published, or a show house and voila…you’re in the flow!

This is NOT an expensive undertaking (you notice I didn’t say spend your dollars on advertising), it is not complicated or difficult, nor is it a huge time commitment.

The issue here is actually about priorities.

You see… when I hear a designer say “I don’t have any good clients! I just have little stuff. Where are they? I don’t have any money… again!” I’ll ask, “Well, what are you doing for marketing?” and the answer inevitably is, “I don’t have time to market.

REALLY… What are you doing?!

  • If you don’t have any big jobs with big time demands, where is your time going?
  • Are you filling up your time with busy work to “feel” like you’re busy?
  • Are you over delivering those little jobs?
  • Or are you feeling fearful about marketing because you don’t know what exactly to do so you just avoid the whole subject?

Until you discover that when this job is finished there is not another one behind it and AHHHH!.. your cash flow has crashed.

There is actually plenty of time to do everything you need and want, it is just a matter of priorities.

  • Being more conscious about what you are doing
  • Choosing what is most important to you rather than reacting to what someone else wants from you
  • And not doing things by rote, just because you have always done it that way but looking for a better, more self-nourishing way of being

Spring is all about new beginnings and it’s the perfect time to start re-imagining your life and business and make conscious choices that reflect the way that you want your world to be!

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