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Episode 27: Common Mistakes

What if I told you there were some simple changes that you could make to instantly grow your business?

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the common mistakes that could be holding your design business back. If your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like or your growth has plateaued, these are some things that you can take a look at to get back on track.

I’m sharing specific things that you can change to give your business a boost, so get ready to take some notes, because you’re not going to want to waste any time getting started.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, this episode will help you get the results you want and build the design business of your dreams.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Your choice of target market or ideal client
  • Why your business can’t be for everyone
  • Putting your focus on the right offers
  • Leveraging the law of attraction
  • Identifying the jobs you love the most
  • What you need to know about pricing
  • How to handle scope creep
  • Why you need vendors with good discounts
  • Setting a job minimum
  • How to step up your branding
  • The importance of consistency

After 30 years in the business and 10 years working with designers, I’ve developed a lot of systems and learned what works and what doesn’t. We all make mistakes in business, especially at the beginning, but I hope this episode helps you learn from some of mine and avoid some of the most common mistakes I see in the industry.

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