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Episode 44: Healthy Boundaries Part 2

I’m back with coach Marsha Sewdass for Part 2 of this episode, all about healthy boundaries. It’s all very well to tell you to set more boundaries, but how do you implement them?

Sometimes you have to start small, so the small thing we’re starting with is a simple two-letter word: no.

In Part 1, we talked about how to identify areas in your life that need boundaries and carve out enough self-reflection time to start thinking about how to set those boundaries. In this episode, we’re covering how to say “no” to things. This is a big deal because you were probably trained to be a people-pleaser (most of us are), but saying “no” is a really important skill to practice.

If you have a hard time saying “no,” this episode is going to help you.

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • Why it’s so hard to say “no”
  • Learning to let “no” be your complete answer 
  • Sticking to your boundaries
  • How to practice and get comfortable saying “no” 
  • Making more time for yourself 
  • Why saying “no” is not a sign of weakness 
  • Other ways to assert your boundaries clearly and professionally 
  • Getting intentional about what you do and don’t want to take on

There is nothing weak, mean, or selfish about saying “no.” As Marsha shares in this episode, if your cup is empty, you have nothing to pour, so keep your cup filled. How do you do that? You set healthy boundaries, and you stick to them.

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