Episode 49: Time Values

Episode 49: Time Values

I bet you didn’t start your own business so that you could work 60 hours a week, never take a vacation, and miss family events. 

You might often find yourself in those situations because you’re a people pleaser, you don’t want to turn away business, and you feel bad saying no. Those are just a few of the things that tend to affect us as designers and how we undervalue our time. 

In order to move away from being overworked and underpaid, you’ve got to rethink how you value time. Not all time has the same value, and that’s what we’re exploring in this episode. I’m teaching you how to identify the value of your time so that you can integrate more high-value tasks into your schedule and get rid of the things that are wasting time and draining money.

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • Identifying how you use your time and when you make the most money 
  • Why time is your most important asset 
  • How to track your time 
  • Why you need to stop giving away your time
  • How much time you should be spending on design 
  • Assigning value to your time 
  • What tasks make a lot of money and what tasks make none 
  • Hiring people to do low-value tasks 
  • Getting paid what you’re worth

This is a reminder that your time and skills are valuable. It is possible to get all your work done within a 40-hour workweek, but not when you’re giving away your time for free. I hope this episode offers you a new perspective on the value of time that you can use to create the schedule that you really want. 

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