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Episode 75: The Systems Strategy

The Systems Strategy

So, you’ve got a good design practice, a steady stream of ideal clients, and your jobs are consistently profitable. What’s the problem? You have absolutely no time for yourself. In fact, you spend most of your time putting out fires. 

Does that sound familiar?

It’s hard to grow your business when you’re spending all your time fixing things. Do you want to know the solution to the chaos? Systems and processes. 

When you have repeatable systems and processes in place, your problems will start to solve themselves. This episode is a replay of one of our greatest episodes about systems and processes, so if you could use a refresher, you’re in luck! I talk about the systems strategy you need to know and teach you how to start getting systems set up in your business so that you can reclaim some of your time.

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • What’s taking up all your time 
  • The value of systems and processes 
  • What systems you might want to put in place in your business
  • How to refine your design process 
  • Why you need to write your systems and processes down 
  • The importance of having purchasing processes 
  • Identifying what tasks create the most money 
  • The value of figuring things out once, writing down the solution, and then repeating that process 

I want to help you get systems and processes in place that will allow your business to run efficiently without you. That means that you don’t have to spend every second of your day putting out fires to make sure things are running smoothly. If that sounds good to you, don’t miss this episode. 

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