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Episode 82: Getting Out of Your Own Way

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Hands up if this sounds familiar: your cash flow goes up and down like a rollercoaster, you’re struggling to attract clients and even then they can’t make any decisions on their $5,000 budget, and you’re afraid to tell your friends or family how much you made last year because they’ll tell you to get a real job.

If your hand’s in the air, you’re not alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way. What you’re looking for is actually right in front of you, but it’s hard to get out of your own way long enough to see it. 

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the biggest ways we get in our own way as designers and I’m sharing some small steps you can take to start getting out of your own way. 

It’s hard work getting your business to the point where you have consistent cash flow, good clients in the pipeline, and a steady paycheck, but I know you have it in you. I’m going to help you get out of your own way so that you can make all your design business dreams come true.

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • How to stop making excuses 
  • Things that pass you by when you feel like you’re not good enough 
  • Treating every job as an opportunity to get better 
  • How to know if you’re being ruled by fear 
  • Why you might be playing too small 
  • Saying yes to things that scare or challenge you 
  • Stepping into an abundant mindset 
  • How to surround yourself with a healthy and supportive environment 

I’m here so that you don’t have to spend 20 years figuring things out the hard way like I did. It’s not your fault that you might be getting in your own way, we all do it! I still catch myself doing it, but now I know how to correct myself and get out of the way, and after this episode, you will too. 

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