Episode 86: Systems = Freedom

Interior Design Business Academy Podcast Episode 86: Systems = Freedom

Do you want to create more freedom in your life? What if I told you I know a simple and effective way to achieve that?

The answer lies in systems, which is what we’re covering in this episode of Interior Design Business. I’m teaching you how to shift into a systems mindset so that you can simplify and streamline any area of your life. This mindset requires you to look at the world as a set of interconnected systems rather than isolated parts so that you can use those systems to your advantage. 

I’m sharing examples of systems in your day-to-day life, how to make time to set up systems in your business, and what systems can help you get done. 

If you want to get back hours of your time and create a life of freedom, don’t miss this episode.

Topics We Cover in This Episode: 

  • How systems save you time and energy 
  • How to streamline your business 
  • Why you need systems 
  • How to apply the same systems to different design jobs 
  • Mindset issues that get in the way of creating systems 
  • Why busyness shouldn’t be worn as a badge of honor 
  • Making time to create systems 
  • How systems allow you to delegate 

When you have systems in place, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a situation arises. You can follow the steps of your system to get things done in a repeatable way. It means you spend less time putting out fires, trying to figure out solutions, and running around doing tasks that detract from your valuable design time. Systems truly will help you create the freedom you want. 

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