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Episode 9: Establishing Boundaries

Episode 9: Establishing Boundaries

Have you ever felt like a client was taking advantage of you and your time?

If you feel like that a lot, it might be time to take a look at your boundaries.

Many of us have never been taught to have boundaries, or we’ve never had permission to have boundaries, so it’s not surprising that we just don’t have them. In this episode, I want to help you identify some areas of your business where you need to establish clear boundaries and teach you how to communicate those boundaries to your clients.

A lack of boundaries in your business leads to being taken advantage of and having feelings of resentment towards your clients and your job, which is why this is so important for us to talk about.

You might feel like clients will be upset with you if you try to establish new boundaries, but I promise that’s not true. Clear boundaries actually improve the client experience! It’s a win-win.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How to avoid being taken advantage of
  • The consequences of having no boundaries
  • Why you need a business phone
  • Creating clear policies about communication
  • Why you don’t need to answer every phone call and email right away
  • Communicating your process to your client
  • Stating boundaries ahead of time
  • Why emails can be better than texts
  • The importance of having a letter of agreement
  • Protecting your time
  • Setting up terms and conditions for purchasing

People will follow your rules and boundaries if you lay them out clearly and confidently. If your clients don’t know what your boundaries are, then, they won’t know how to respect them. It’s up to you to put them in place proactively to protect your time and improve your client experience.

Think about where you run into trouble with your boundaries. What makes you feel taken advantage of or unhappy? Take a look at what’s going on to cause those feelings and what boundaries you can implement to prevent them in the future.

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