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blog-photoEverybody knows that it’s far easier to create a service fee for a client’s project instead of the old, scary dollars per hour and mark –up method we used in the past.

Taking it one step farther, did you know one of the best, new successful strategies for signing up potential clients is to take your basic fee and offer additional fee and service choices for clients to choose from?!

It’s true, this works especially well with potential clients that are unsure and may just want to “stick a toe in” to start. It allows the client to choose “good” to start, and once comfortable, move into the better and best levels of your services. The Good – Better – Best method is also incredibly valuable for bigger remodeling projects.

So what does a Good – Better – Best look like? Let’s start with a remodeling project since you’ll have a big fee and need to do some research and development in order to have direction and get an approved budget

First, your “Good” offer includes preliminary drawings and meetings to get contractor prices and projected materials take-offs, so that you can get agreement on the scope of work and budget.

From there you move into the “Better” level by actually designing and specifying the space.

Then, the “Best” level is all the project management (observation) for the construction process.

Even better news?

You can offer a Good – Better – Best in one Letter of Agreement by listing all 3 phases of work and the associated fees and asking the client to approve the “good” phase for R & D, before moving on to the rest of the job!

Really, it’s that easy and not hard to do; it just requires a little creativity and I know that you have plenty of that!

To learn more about making offer on 3 levels be at D4D..

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