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Tell me, what’s stopping you from having a great design business?

Usually it’s feeling that you’re not being good enough yet. The problem is that your internal lack of confidence, or sense of fear, makes you think something needs to happen before you show your work to the world.

For example, do you feel like you need a prefect project, that has a really big furniture budget or is completely finished and accessorized, before you photograph and submit it for publication?

If so … stop, because it simply isn’t true.

Letting fear run your business means your gifts and talents are hidden from the world, including those good clients you’d love to work with!

Remember, you’re already good enough!

Actually, you’re totally perfect and brilliant the way you are right now. You’re perfectly ready today to share your amazing ability to create beautiful and functional environments with people who appreciate and treasure what you do for them.

And what about those unfinished rooms you wish you could photograph?

Be bold, finish them!

Purchase the accessories or borrow the furniture you need to complete the room and have it professionally photographed. Often the homeowner will purchase what you have brought in, if not return it to the store. You’ll have great photography and you can see if the local home and garden magazine is interested, enter it in design awards or just put it on your website so your ideal clients will see it. You can’t lose!

Great photography is just one small piece of the marketing plan you need in order to have a steady stream of ideal clients flowing into your business.

Learn more about the few key pieces for marketing your business and the 3 day Design Biz Summit in Santa Fe, NM, here.

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