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Helping Your Business Grow – Secret for Doubling Your Income

A little-known fact about doubling your business and making twice as much income this year over last year is that it isn’t a matter of working twice as hard or twice as many hours.

That’s right, it’s actually accomplished with a shift of your mindset.

Your mindset is defined as the established set of attitudes you hold internally, think of it as the landscape of your beliefs, experiences, and the rules you live by.

So, is there a big secret for shifting your mindset and doubling your income?

Nope, no secret.

It’s more about taking the necessary steps to ultimately shift your mindset and I’ll share a couple that will help you look at yourself and design business in a new way.

First, you need to understand there is actually no limit to what you can charge and receive for your design services or product sales.

There is no ceiling on what people will pay determined by the city you live in or what you think other designers in your area are charging… or anything else for that matter.

The only limits that are actually in place are those that are set internally by you.

I’m serious!Your sense of what clients are willing to pay is influenced by your own financial situation rather than the financial place your clients are in and your expectations are typically way lower than what is actually possible for your client to pay.

Another shift to make are your thoughts about big projects vs. little ones.

You can reach your goals much faster by designing/creating a handful of $50,000 jobs vs. trying to reach that same goal with many (30 or more) $5,000 jobs.


Because small jobs tend to be time eaters, they require a ton of attention and hand holding, while you can instead move through a large design job more quickly and efficiently.

Simply put, larger jobs can create 10 times more income without taking up 10 times more time.

The third mindset shift is that you don’t need new clients to make more sales.

You’ll make more sales, more often, with the clients that you already have.

Your existing clients are already your raving fans, just continue the relationship with them by always “seeding” the next piece of work that needs to be done.

One of my favorite ways of doing this was to say, “Hey, when you guys are ready to do the family room, let me know. I have some fabulous idea for that room!

Then quickly walk away. Don’t open the door for discussion in the moment, instead, you’ve just dropped a “seed” for a future conversation so it can germinate in the minds of your clients.

Trust me, they’ll call you to find out what the cool idea is AND that’s the time to make a clear offer!

Now, all of this is important, but I saved the most important for last.

In order to have these (and other) mindset shifts, you have to get clear on your purpose for designing in the first place – to establish your internal purpose for being a design professional.

This isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either, and I’ve created a 3-part training to help.

The Art of Living The Life You Love is my gift to you (aka free) and is on-demand, so you can watch it in the morning with a cup of coffee, at your desk while eating lunch (a private lunch and learn if you will) or even at night with a glass of wine once the kids are asleep.

Each training is about 30-40 minutes long, you’ll want to be somewhere you can focus (silence your cell phone, turn off email, etc.) and I’ll send you the first video training in an email.

These training videos will help you reconnect with your bigger purpose and dream for being a designer, explains the keys for incorporating it into your business and life, and then how to put it all together.

You are amazing – I know that and am determined that you live your awesomeness too.

Remember to look for the email with the first training video and remember to create something beautiful in the meantime!

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