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IDBA Coaching Retreats – What’s It All About?

Connection, Magic, and Interior Designers Taking Control Of Their Futures.

My IDBA Coaching Members and I met for our semi-annual Retreat recently and made this short video to help shine some light on the magic that happens at a Retreat:

Fun – right?!

Retreats are where our tribe of designers focus in on their businesses, dive deep into tackling current challenges, and mastermind on how to overcome and excel as a professional business owner.

Think about it… how often do you have me AND other designers totally focused on YOUR business to help you solve your challenges and make your goals a reality?!

IDBA Coaching is sometimes hard to explain, so go ahead and watch the video again to get a snapshot of the powerful connection and brainstorming (plus super cool surprises) that happen when you’re an IDBA Coaching Member.

This was one of my favorite Retreats yet and my team is already putting together the details for our next one.

Now, if you’re ready to take the next step in discovering if IDBA Coaching is right for you, CLICK HERE to schedule a Clarity Call with one of our coaches now!

Just one conversation could change your life… and this may be it.

If you would like to experience real results in your design business, then you need a Clarity Call to help you craft your 12-month stretch goals and the path that will help you reach them… faster than you ever could on your own.

This is a complimentary call, with no sales pressure or commitments (I promise), and if you’re ready to take your business to the next level… then now is the time to talk with one of my IDBA Coaches!

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IDBA Coaching Retreats – What’s It All About?

IDBA Coaching Retreats – What’s It All About?