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Be Ready For Your Next BIG Design Opportunity

Are you prepared for the next opportunity that falls into your lap?

Because you know, there’s a lot of stuff going on in our economy these days: new custom builds, full gut remodels, multifamily housing, medical offices, and all sorts of opportunities for design professionals.

But the question becomes: are you ready?

  • Are you able, comfortable, and confident in presenting a $54,000 fee for a project?
  • Are you able to access the tools you need to figure out what a big design fee would actually be for a major project?
  • Do you have the team, structure, and systems to actually make it happen?

Because if you’re feeling insecure about producing that job, it’s going to come through in your presentation and it won’t turn out quite the way you want.

These are the kinds of challenges easily met with the help of an interior design business coach.

Just a week or so ago, one of our brand-new growth members received a call from an architect who asked if she would partner with her on an affordable housing project — a big project that needed design piece in it.

As you can imagine, our interior designer was thrilled to be asked, but had no idea what to do, how to propose it, or really where to start.

We sat down and we coached on the fee, and we came up with a number that was four or five times more than what she originally thought it was going to be.

Next, we coached on how to present a fee in a B2B situation (business to business).

Last week she sent me an email that the architectural team won the project and she received a multi-five figure fee for this project!

Now, my question to you, do you think that’s going to change her business forever?

Yes, it will…because that’s what up leveling looks like.

Once you’ve broken through that glass ceiling, you’re there all right and you can operate in that space until the next one comes along.

I’m so thrilled for her because that’s really what I do as an interior design business coach –  help designers stretch into those new levels with the confidence to make it happen for them.

If you want to be ready for your next big opportunity that falls into your lap –
to know how to confidently present a big fee with a contract that doesn’t leave money on the table – then you need to have a conversation with one of our enrollment coaches.

This just conversation, there’s no pressure or obligation or arm twisting, that just not who I am and it’s just not part of who we are here.

Instead, you’ll have a conversation that includes letting you know what’s available to you, how coaching can help you, and discover if it’s a fit or not – it’s really that easy.

CLICK HERE to book your complimentary Clarity Call <<<

Until next time, design something beautiful, get paid what you’re worth!

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