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[Video] Marketing Is The Answer

The question that pops up a lot in my coaching programs is how to get higher quality, bigger budget clients into your practice?

I hear it over and over again… I don’t have any clients, they’re not the client I want, and the answer to solving this problem: an interior design marketing.

Pure and simple: marketing is something that doesn’t just work for some and not for others… it works for everyone as long as you’re willing to do it.

Now, I often say to the designer, “You know the answer is marketing, right?” And she’ll say to me, “Well, I don’t have time to market.” So, my next question naturally becomes, “If you don’t have the right client AND you’re not busy with great clients, what are you doing?

The reality is that half of your time should be spent on marketing, if:

  • You don’t have the clients you want
  • You’re trying to fill your practice
  • You’re trying to make it happen or move uplevel

Because you have to be committed to your marketing plan in order to get the results you’re after.

Now, let me talk a little bit about what’s really important in marketing. You need an interior design marketing plan.

A lot of time can get caught up in the social media thing that gets thrown at us all the time, and while you do need a little social media to keep your website up and make things work, quite frankly, spending days behind the computer doing Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and this one and that one… it’s a waste of time.

Now, I’m not saying don’t do social media it all, it just needs to be incorporated into your overall plan…not just be your entire plan. If your marketing plan was a pie, the slice of social media would be a little sliver.

The rest of the pie? Getting out from behind your computer and talking to people.

We have a referral-based business and that’s where good clients come from, right?

Building referral partners is a really important part of an interior design marketing plan, and you’ve got to get out and tell people:

  • Who your client is
  • What is the problem you solve for them
  • And the fabulous results they get by working with you!

Share your successes, talk about what happens when you work with somebody and how a project comes out beautifully!

That’s what you need to be sharing with all sorts of people that you’ve never talked to before, and the more that you drop a pebble in the pond of talking to people, the bigger the ripples get, and the more people reach out to you.

So, if you want to know how to develop an interior design marketing, one that keeps working even when you get really busy… because that’s half the challenge, right?

You get the marketing going, you get busy, and then you drop it because you’re busy with clients, and then you put your head up and realize there’s nobody else in the queue because you haven’t been doing your marketing.

If you’re ready to have that steady stream of clients coming to you and if you want to learn how to do that, talk to us by CLICKING HERE TO speak to one of our enrollment coaches <<<

We’re happy to talk to you about the marketing part of the IDBA Coaching Programs and how it all works, with no obligation to you.

Until I see you again, design something beautiful and get paid what you’re worth!

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