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I love to give as much as I do to receive… love, compliments, money, appreciation. It doesn’t matter what form it comes in because it’s all positive energy enriching my life.

Where does it come from? It comes from me and what I create, from paying forward what others have shared, and from opening my heart to connect and help others.

Picture an infinity symbol, this is a good visual of how energy flow works.

You share your energy (your gift for creating beauty, function and comfort), put it out there for the world to use and what comes back is money and appreciation.

And the best part is it never ends, it always comes back to you….

Unless you do something to stop it.

How do you stop it? By undercharging for your work, reducing design time billings or not charging your client at all, or doing way more than you contracted for by a client.

When you choose these actions you restrict, slow down or even stop the flow of money and appreciation from returning to you in its natural and organic way.

So, to keep the energy easily flowing back to you, here are three things to remember:

Know what you are worth. Your value can be found in the people whose lives you have changed for the better. Think about what people say to you when you have completed a spectacular room for them, read your testimonials to be reminded of how valuable you really are.

Charge what you know are worth. When you know your value and you confidently explain to your clients the benefits they will receive, clients are comfortable paying you more because they are sure they are going to get what they want.

Don’t be shy about asking for what you are worth. Talking about money, asking for a large design fee or confirming a $300K budget does take practice to become comfortable, confident and competent.

But want to know the secret?

Anyone can do it… it just takes practice and the inner knowledge that you’re just stepping into the natural flow of energy waiting for you.

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