The Keys to Design Business Success

Please make sure to watch these important video presentations from Terri on how we help you create a predictably successful design business. 

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Strategy – 

When you implement our clearly defined strategies for signing up clients, using design fees that cover all of your time, and structure your job so that both you and your client are clear on all the deliverables, you move out of uncertainty and into confidence.

Mindset – 

When you believe in yourself and what's possible for you easily attract the luxury clients, the big budgets, and the creative jobs that end up in magazines. When you get your old money story out of the way, and develop a luxury mindset that matches up with your ideal clients, what used to be hard is now easy.

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Community -

When you are part of our loving community you're surrounded by designers who understand the challenges and demands of the business of design, being able to see others asking for and getting substantial design fees, taking on bigger jobs than you've ever done before (because you know you have the backup), and sharing the thrill of a creative success is priceless. You go from isolated to celebrated.

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About Our founder, terri taylor

More than 35 years ago, Terri started her interior design business as a single practitioner and eventually built the business into an award-winning, multi-million-dollar-a-year company. 

Now, she focuses on helping designers who are tired of being overworked and underpaid. 

It took a lot of making mistakes and trying things for Terri to get to where she is today. She wants to give you the straight truth to help YOU avoid mistakes and take the shortest path to build a design business that really works.

Over the past 10+ years, Terri has coached thousands of designers to grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figures with grace and ease. 

She’s known as a straight-talking ‘technical expert’ when it comes to streamlining your design business.

Her value-packed events and coaching programs are designed to move you and your design business to whole new levels of getting paid what your work is worth.

If you’re reading this… it’s time for you to have that too. 

Because you deserve to be appreciated for your talents – and for your business to expand into its true potential. 

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