Kitchen Tour Ready

This amazing kitchen reminded me of when I coached a West Coast Kitchen and Bath Designer who was looking for more clients and transformed her business within a blink of the eye!

Now, it’s not unusual for the designers I coach to attract more affluent clients with speed and ease… but it was unusual that this transformation happened within a week.


Well during our very first conversation, she told me that her local ASID chapter’s annual kitchen tour was coming up but she never considered being a part of that event even though she had recently completed several projects that came out beautifully and her clients were thrilled with the results.

Why, ”I asked.

She replied, “My kitchens are pretty good, but not perfect. I don’t want to show something that isn’t absolutely right.”

I knew right then it was time for a dose of reality…and here it is for you too!

You will never have a job that is perfect because everything you create is tailored for your individual client, which makes it impossible for everything to come together exactly the way you want.

Consider this… the details you find that you wish were designed or executed better in the job you just completed aren’t failures; they are the lessons or notes you are going to remember to add during your next job.

When you take those notes and apply it to your next project, you’ll instantly make it 5% better than the last. Then the next project is 5% better than the one prior and so on and so on.

Think about how incredibly good you are going to be a year from now, 2 years from now and in 10 years – WOW!

So, what happened to the West Coast Kitchen and Bath Designer?

With this new concept in mind, she submitted one of her kitchens into her ASID Chapter selection process and was chosen by her peers to have her kitchen in the Tour (obviously “they” didn’t think there was a mistake in it)!

Her design was included in the local newspaper, Home and Garden magazine, and even in the printed program of the Kitchen Tour.
The day of the tour she brought a lovely batch of fresh flowers for the island and had a friend bake cookies.

Her visitors were drawn in by the sweet aroma and the cookies gave them a reason to stay and enjoy a treat. She greeted every Tour visitor, built relationships with prospect clients and also made some good business connections for the future.

But the story doesn’t end there…

The Tour was on a Saturday and that next Monday morning she had three calls for new jobs from Kitchen tour attendees!

So not only did she get “social proof” that she was indeed one of the best in the city with all the local coverage, but she also landed two nice kitchens and one whole house job 🙂

You too are ready to become a local celebrity! You’re talented and your designs are inspiring. Go ahead and take the next step in building the dream business and life you’ve always wanted… it’s waiting for you!

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