Love to Hate Networking?

When subject of networking comes up, do you say to yourself … “I don’t want to stand around talking to guys drinking beers, ugh!”

I agree, I am not interested in spending my time doing that either!

But before we go on, there are two things you need to consider:

Networking is the one single, most important actions you can take to attract and connect with the affluent (or any other kind of) clients; it’s the best form of marketing because it builds relationships and referrals towards your ideal clients.

Plus, networking can be fun! It’s just introducing yourself to a new or different group of people, causing your influence to grow larger.

All sounds logical, right?

The key to loving networking is to network with people that you like!

Here is the strategy:

There are lots of networking groups around, BNI, NAWBO, and Rotary, just to name a few. Call them and tell them you want to visit one of their meetings and get a feel for their group. They will be delighted to include you.

Then go to the meeting and see if there are people that you like and you think could be helpful to you. If so – join their group. If it is not a fit, MOVE ON! Try another one until you find your “tribe.”

One of my designer coaching clients meets with a group of 12 professional friends for wine, dinner and conversation once a month. Along with the friendship they share, they make part of their agenda to refer one another new business.

It’s a fun, relaxed girl’s night out that nurtures new client leads, how cool is that?

Don’t know of a group like that in your area? Start your own!

Learn to network doing the things that you love, with people you enjoy and you will have a great time and get client referrals too.

Have questions about creating your own network, not sure if your elevator speech will get the response you want, or just have a specific marketing issue you’re stuck on?

Go ahead – ask me!

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