You Have All the Luck

Many people say to me, “You’re so lucky to be successful…” but the truth is that luck is not what determines success or even happiness; it’s the grit to get up after a setback and continue on with a positive attitude!

Trust me – my life has not been a smooth, even or steady upward rise.

Many projects have gone wrong and serious life challenges have appeared along the way. Like when I didn’t win a competitive bid that my staff and I spent days working on, or when our internet host “lost” our website and couldn’t get it back, or when my daughter needed brain surgery to save her life.

Supporting my daughter while she faced the risks of brain surgery last year was by far the most challenging experience I’d ever had in my life. I’m happy to let you know she’s now doing great! She’s back to designing and enjoying life, as you saw from our skiing adventure in last week’s newsletter.

Things going wrong are not “signs from the universe” that you should quit and not try …it only means you need to dig in and go after what you really want!

Here are a few of the tricks I use for responding to the curve balls of life:
Catching Zzzzzz
Sleep is essential for our overall health and well-being. I sleep at least 6 hours of sleep a night to better respond to my daily challenges. If you’re not getting enough sleep, start by creating a regular sleep/wake schedule so you wake up fresh and ready for a new day.

Starting with a Positive Affirmation
Set yourself up to expect, and be on the lookout for, amazing abundance to appear in your life! I regularly wake up and tell myself, “This is going to be a great day!” Try it for yourself and see what happens…it might just be the best day of your life.
Finding Om

As you know, I love yoga and make it an important element of my daily life. Exercise helps keep your mind sharp and body prepared for the physical and emotional demands in life. Make exercise a part of your schedule and let it help you stay focused on your goals during the difficult times.
It’s The Past For a Reason

Put your attention on solutions for your current challenges instead of focusing on, and analyzing, what went wrong today, yesterday, or even years ago. Start using your energy to focus on what you can control and how it’ll feel to achieve your goals. I can’t change the past but I know I can affect the future!

May “good luck” be a blessing in your life, and remember that it’s what you do with the setbacks life hands you that determines who you are and what you’ll achieve in life.

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