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20150422-blog-photoShifting to design service fees can be a little scary, but it doesn’t have to be and all you have to do is a little homework.

What does that mean?

Well, you’re homework includes a handful of items needed before a job even starts.

First, you want to cover all the hours it’ll take to complete the design service for a client and ensure your fee offer is priced appropriately for the job with a Project Time Estimating System worksheet. This helps you know you’ve accounted for all the small tasks needed for a project and how long it’ll take you to do each one. By figuring this out in the beginning, you’ll immediately have a sense of confidence that your fee is in the right ballpark.

Next, add an extra 20% to your fee. Why? Because that’s what it takes to confirm you’re covered for all those little, time gobbling tasks that always happen. You know, like reselecting that back ordered fabric that was there when you priced the job and now that you’ve ordered it… it’s out of stock.

After that, become crystal clear about the services, value and benefits you offer your client by asking yourself; what do I provide with my services? what’s the time line for completing this job? What’s included with working with me (and what’s not)? Because when your clients understand exactly what you provide them, they’ll happily say “yes” to your offer … every time.

And finally, you’ll see your confidence payoff by the fact your bank account is growing since you’re actually charging and getting paid for all your working hours!

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