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Designers often ask me, “What is the one marketing thing I could do to ensure that I have a consistent flow of affluent customer calling me on a regular basis?

It’s a great question but most designers don’t like the answer.

Let me put it in a different context, it’s the same kind of question when a client (or a potential client) asks, “What is the one thing that I could do in this room to make or a total WOW?

The answer to both questions is that it isn’t “one thing,” but rather a series of subtle layers, each applied and playing nicely with what went before to create a really spectacular room.

In a room, we’re playing with the background color, texture, and finish, lighting nuances, furniture styles, shapes, textures and colors, fabrics and trims, art and accessory… and on and on.

In your business, you’re playing with layers of marketing as well and having a consistent flow of affluent customer calling is a combination of marketing includes:

  • Celebrity – publishing, awards, show houses
  • Networking – letting people know who you are causing a ripple effect
  • Referral Partners – nurturing a pocket full of these relationships will keep clients rolling in for years
  • Clear Offers to Potential Clients – they want to know what it costs to get started with you and it’s your job to make it easy for them to say yes!
  • Social media – the right amount is surprisingly less than you think!

All put together will ensure you create a memorable experience for each client, as well as a beautiful space

PRO TIP: Experience is the new economy… make working with you memorable and special, and your referrals and incoming business will be unstoppable!

Just like a room, all of these combined in the proper amount and in the correct sequence creates a marketing plan that will continue to attract your ideal clients’ year after year… even when you are up to your elbows in job production work.

Now, all of this doesn’t happen all at once… that would be way too much work!

Adding these layers systematically is the key to building your business, expanding your capacity and forming your support team you want and need.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog where I’ll share with you one of the first steps to creating your unstoppable marketing machine!

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