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Overcoming Your Perfectionist Instinct – Mastering the Learning Mindset

I’ll admit it…I’m a lifelong learner. I just love finding and learning new ideas/concepts and then applying them to Taylor Design Group and Design Biz Blueprint.

It doesn’t matter if I find new information in books, webinars, workshops, or from wise teachers. Learning is one of my basic tenets and it’s what helped me grow my design business into a $2 million per year enterprise.

And as many of you know, one of my success secrets is actively experimenting with all sorts of ideas… in my businesses and my life.

I’m aware that the results won’t often turn out exactly the way I thought they would… especially on the first try. It’s why I try to maintain a non–judgmental point of view; because I want to understand what parts of a new concept worked and which pieces weren’t effective.

Keeping an open mind also helps me decide what I want to keep and use in my business, and what needs to be tweaked or changed.

The thing I never do, and you should never do, is tell myself that, “I didn’t do it right… I didn’t get it perfect the first time, so I won’t try again.”

This kind of “I have to get it instantly perfect” mindset is dangerous. It prevents learning, stops personal and professional growth, and ultimately stunts your ability to meet your life goals.

Here are the three steps you need for an effective learning mindset and to overcome your perfectionist instinct.

Step #1 – Show Up & Take Action

Go to the call, be at the CEU presentation, attend the workshop and actively gather information to help you meet your goals. Next, review your notes within 24 hours and choose a strategy that best applies to your business.

Then, take action!

Step #2 – Observe Your Results

First, give yourself a “pat on the back” for initiating a change! Many people don’t take action and it’s commonly the reason why they never find the success they’re looking for in life.

Now, review what happened when you held your ground on your offer for services or you presented the higher priced product instead of the budget version.

Chances are you immediately won the job or sold the higher priced product with far more profit!

Step #3 – If It Didn’t Work, Try Something Else

Let’s say you tried something new and it didn’t work out exactly as you thought it would…that’s OK! Remember – just because something didn’t work out perfectly doesn’t mean that you didn’t do it right. It just means you need to experiment, try a different direction, tweak your offer a bit, and try again.

There are many stories of hugely successful people who “failed” time and time again. And just when they said to themselves that “this is my last try”, success came to them in a big way!

Moral of the story? Don’t blame yourself if something doesn’t go right and don’t give up too soon. The success you’re looking for is just around the corner – believe me… I know!

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