Your New 2020 Success Plan


Here at Interior Design Business Academy, I have been busy figuring out how to pivot my business to meet the current challenges we are all facing.

But this is not just for my business. It’s also for all our IDBA students as well.

We’ve gathered a lot of information, put together 6 actionable steps, identified some great strategies, and shared them all with our students.  This is everything we are doing here at IDBA right now to pivot and address the current situation.

And now, I am inviting everyone to do this in their own business too!

I now have a new mission: to help our sisters (and brothers) everywhere who are in the design business to navigate their next steps successfully.

Please join me for this free training.  It’s called “Your NEW 2020 Success Plan”, and it’s filled with inspiration as well as the 6 actionable steps to help you pivot your business in these times of uncertainty.

We are all in this together.

Be well!

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