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Terri joins LuAnn Nigara on the “A Well-Designed Business” podcast this week!

Terri Taylor

Listen in as Terri and LuAnn talk about setting design fees that align with a client’s budget.


Listen on A Well-Designed Business.


Podcast highlights:

  • How to be sure your design fee is accurate and fair to both you and your client.
  • The key to getting a client to say yes to hiring you.
  • What to do when a client counters with a lower price… and still get paid what you’re worth.
  • What your design fee should be based on the client approved budget.
  • How designers are creating annual revenue in the millions of dollars- it’s not about doing it all yourself.
  • How you can always get budget agreement from a client, even if they don’t have a clue.
  • Priceless tips on collecting your design fee.



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