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Raising Your Rates Without Anxiety

Worried, afraid, and stuck.

Many designers confide in me their anxiety about raising their rates. They’re worried that their market area won’t withstand an increase and are afraid they won’t get the job if they are more expensive. So they stay small… often shrinking to fit in… because they think this is the only way they will get jobs.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking ultimately attracts:

  • Clients that are less than ideal
  • Rinky-dink jobs
  • Small tight budgets
  • Constant worry about the cost of everything
  • And the worst… clients who are unable to make decisions thus using up way more of your time than is actually necessary.

The truth is you need to first STOP trying to sell your time by the hour!

When you sell your talent this way, you’re setting up potential clients to compare pricing to other designers, as if you’re a box of soap!

And worse, you’re not really answering the client’s real question; what does it actually cost?


Your design fee is not based on the number of hours it takes to do the job (I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay attention to that part), it’s actually based on the VALUE you bring to the project.

That is why you can charge $2,400 for a paint selection (really… my students are doing it) or $86K for writing finish specifications for a new construction residence (true again). I have lots of technical tricks for figuring out what these fees should actually be and I share those. But the real issue here is your mindset around deserving to be paid that much for your work.

When you shift your mindset into bigger, deserving to be well paid for your service, and feel confident (no anxiety) about asking for big fees…

Everything changes.

I’ve helped hundreds of designers (that’s right… you are not alone, many designers struggle with this) step into their true value, learn to be open to receiving what they are actually worth and by doing so, attract the ideal clients they want.

You’re invited to How to Raise Your Rates Without Raising Your Anxiety on Wednesday, October 10th, at 12:00 pm AZ TIME.

This open (no charge) live Q and A session with me to talk about raising your rates, deserving that increase, creating fees that pay way better than hourly and how we create massive shifts in how you feel about your worth at Tap Into Your Creative Power and Transform Your Life – 2018 Design Biz Summit.

So bring your questions, what you want coaching on, and where you get stuck so we can get you unstuck! Live with me, free… what a deal 🙂


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