April 5 at 12PM ET.

How to Own that
Remodeling Job and
Get Paid What You
are Worth


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Right now, remodeling jobs might feel like a huge time-eater where you see little $ (and some frustrated clients) at the end of a lot of hard work…

Would you prefer remodels to be wildly profitable and positive instead?

If you’re ready to try a new way, I've designed this FREE online training for you!


As a talented interior designer, your ability to deliver a beautiful space is undeniable…

And your clients love you for it. But when it comes to scoping out a remodeling job, you struggle to ask for what you know you’re worth. You think you’ll only get hired if you’re ‘cheaper’, so you create a special low price to get in the door and plan to adjust your prices later. You quote a design fee or budget that’s based on what you think the client will pay, rather than on realistic timings and real product costs. You don’t put in place any boundaries, so the client thinks they can use you as their personal shopper instead of following your clear specifications.


… The client’s contractor looked at the job and gave a wild-ass-guess that you believed was correct and true, and now your furniture budget has been taken away by the contractor’s cost overruns. Gah!

Let’s face it – you and I both know this is
NOT the way you want to do it.

Imagine what it would be like if you could DRIVE those remodeling jobs instead of feeling like you’re on a runaway train…

If you could LEAD the client through the whole process instead of just ‘fitting in’ around the general contractor. 

If you could confidently quote your client what the job is REALLY worth instead of trying to squeeze the cost into a shape you think they can afford. 

Well, your wish is granted.

There’s a simple, more profitable, and more powerful way that’s available. And I’m going to show you how to make that your new normal. 

Let me show you how to OWN your next remodeling job and finally get paid what you’re worth.

Join me for a live 90-minute masterclass where I’ll show you 3 key steps that have helped hundreds of designers like you create huge profitability on remodels…


I’m excited to have a remodel/addition project on its way. These are some of my favorite jobs and now I really feel like I can help my clients figure out the budget so they are not left stuck and aggravated during or at the end of their remodel process.

– Sunny S., Design Consultant

Joyful is the new feeling I associate with my business instead of the dread that comes when you don’t have a clear process. Now, I just follow your steps!” 

– Victoria Sh., Principal Designer


Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to avoid making big money mistakes when taking on new remodeling jobs and what to do instead

How to create win-win situations on remodels so your clients are happy and you’re well paid

How to invite your client to remodel with you using a proven system that helps designers like you deliver more positive and profitable remodels

For just 90-minutes of your time, you’ll walk away with a simple plan to make big money on remodeling jobs right now.

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Your seminar was exactly what I needed! I do mostly remodeling and am always confused on how to charge and systematically keep things on track. All your information made perfect sense and I'm already implementing it. 

– Trisha Pabon D., Design Consultant

Your Presenter – Terri Taylor

Terri Taylor is an award-winning interior designer turned business coach who teaches and mentors designers on how to create thriving businesses and own their worth.

Terri has more than 30 years experience in the interior design and construction business. She’s been featured in regional and national design publications and is a sought-after guest speaker at national and international events.

She speaks on a number of topics related to the business of interior design, including business practices, sales, marketing, mindset, leadership, success, and personal growth.

As host of the Interior Design Business Podcast, Terri brings her clear, proven, and repeatable step-by-step “recipes” for attracting ideal luxury clients along with her overreaching attitude of gratitude, abundance, beauty, and joy for creating long-lasting and meaningful success, to a growing audience of interior designers each week. 

In 2009, Terri created the Interior Design Business Academy – an education and coaching resource that provides a unique mix of business strategies and systems along with powerful positive mindset practices to help interior designers create meaningful success.

Over the past 10+ years, Terri has coached hundreds of designers to grow their businesses to 6- and 7-figures with grace and ease. She’s known as a straight-talking ‘technical expert’ when it comes to streamlining your design business.

Her value-packed events and coaching programs are all designed to move you and your design business to whole new levels of getting paid what you deserve.

I’ll be running this action-packed masterclass LIVE on April 5 at 12PM ET.

It’s best if you can make it to the live session but if you can’t, don’t worry – just register below and we’ll make sure you get a copy of the replay.


We hate spam too. IDBA will only use the e-mail address you have given to us to communicate with you about our services.

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