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Remodel projects are a big part of design business today. They have the potential to be a goldmine… but they can also be a minefield…

In my brand new, three-part, FREE webinar series, I’ll share with you what pitfalls to avoid, how to foster a great working relationship with your client and how to OWN that remodel project. You’ll learn:

✔  How to avoid making big money mistakes when taking on new remodeling jobs and what to do instead

✔ How to create win-win situations on remodel projects so your client is happy and you are well paid

✔ How to invite your client to remodel with you using a proven system and step-by-step training

Webinar #1:
5 Money Mistakes You Don't Want to Make Taking On a Remodeling Job

Kitchens, bathrooms and full gut remodels are a big part of design business today. For designers, remodels can be very, very lucrative OR a huge and hideous time-eater that pays them next to nothing. To stay on the good side… that is the profitable and time efficient side, there are a few things that you should be aware of when you take on a remodeling job.

Join me in this FREE webinar where I will share the pitfalls you will always want to avoid when signing up a remodeling client.

Webinar #2:
7 Ways to Make Remodeling a WIN-WIN for You and Your Client

There are a lot of potential dollars being spent in remodeling a spa inspired master bathroom or removing a wall to create an open plan space with a new kitchen. As the designer, you are the heart and soul of these projects and you should be well paid for your contributions. But first, you need to know how. The best part of this system… you can generate 3 times, 5 times, even 10 times more income on remodeling jobs than you are now.

Join me for the second FREE webinar of this series where I will share with you strategies for creating happy client relationships and being very well paid.

Webinar #3:
The Definitive Way to Invite Your Client to Remodel with You

Remember the part where I said you could, could potentially generate 3 times, 5 times, even 10 times more income on remodeling jobs than you are now?

I thought that would get your attention…

Well, it is true and in my FREE webinar #3 is where I am going to tell you how and why this system works and how you can get step-by-step training so that you can create big money remodeling jobs.

Laura Capilla

I have more confidence in presenting to my clients, and feeling like I am worth what they’re paying me. I’ve gotten more processes in place, hired a couple employees, and have more than doubled my business since I have been with Terri. I’m getting paid for my design and it’s changed my attitude and how I create the jobs because I’m getting paid what I’m worth. I wouldn’t have had that without you.

Barbara Bell

It was the recession when I heard you speak for the first time, it was so powerful to me. You spoke about how our attitudes to money affect how we earn. My income has doubled since then, and I have not made less than six figures for the last four years. It’s made it possible for me to really increase my business tremendously.

Nancy DelSanto

I want to say that you’ve made a world of difference to my business. I’m moving forward with a feeling of confidence that I’m not taking one step forward and two steps backwards. My income is up 20% and I feel confident it will continue to rise. Thank you!